Harry Styles: Let’s Discuss His Stylish Cars

Whether you've been a die-hard fan of Harry during his One Direction era or if you only became a fan when Harry went solo, you know of someone who is obsessed with him, there’s even a high probability that you’re that person 😉 Either way, it's highly likely you’d fan-girl if you saw him out in public, if you'd like to increase those chances; have a read on to find out what cars to keep an eye out for – or if you’d simply like to get a good idea on what cars are Stylish.

I’ll admit I was a dedicated Directioner and I am most definitely not over their split back in 2015. I will always be a Nialler. This is a clear Sign Of The Times; now we have a bunch of Harries running around obsessing over Mr Styles. I personally love reading about all the gadgets and toys ‘the boys’ have gotten with their fame and fortune.

Also, I can’t downplay that Wattpad moment fantasising over which car Harry would drive me around in. After all, it is the Little Things that really matter 😍

Ford Capri

Light Blue Ford Capri

This is an old school classic and definitely a great first car. The upsetting news here though is that in the UK there are less than 3,000 left. So if you are looking to have the same first car to Harry Styles you may need to go another route. Thankfully, Ford has many amazing cars, with the Ford Fiesta being one of the most sold cars in 2022. You can calculate your budget and get an idea on what cars could potentially be yours 😏

2014 Porsche Cayman S

Red Porsche Cayman

This gorgeous car was a 19th birthday present to himself. Word on the street is that Harry was often seen driving this beauty around North London. This car may not be the next car for a fair amount of people, fortunately there are many fast cars that you can buy with the help of Carmoola that can help you to keep up with this 2014 Porsche Cayman S.This way when you do spot Mr Styles you can still have a good view, even when he is driving away 💨

2012 Audi R8 coupe

Black Audi R8 parked

Not only does this car have a 6-speed transmission and a body that closely resembles a jet rather than a car, this sleek beauty is the ‘it’ car for many A-list celebrities, including; Robert Downey Jnr, Lady Gaga, Zac Efron and of course Mr Styles himself 😎 An Audi, no matter the model, is a gorgeous car and we certainly don't blame Harry for getting himself one.

Land Rover Range Rover SVR

Black Range Rover Parked

Now if you're in a position to get yourself a Range Rover, my only question is; why wouldn’t you? The Range Rover and the word luxury go hand in hand 🤝 The Range Rover is known to be a super popular SUV that is perfect for all sorts of terrain, plus the interior is gorgeous. Story Of My Life, obsessing over gorgeous cars and the people driving them. Good choice Mr Styles.

However, if the Range Rover doesn’t tickle your fancy, even with knowing Mr Styles owns one, or if it's not within your budget, there are many great ones out there. Take a look at our top recommendations on other SUV’s that you can get through financing with Carmoola. 

Jaguar E-Type Roadster

Black Jaguar in street

If this car doesn’t say ‘rockstar in the making’ I'm not too sure what does? Harry appears to fancy the older models, coincidentally, he also likes older cars. Harry’s Jaguar is a red convertible, the perfect choice to drive on a Sunday morning. Have a browse on our website to read up on the best convertibles to drive in the UK. I’ll admit a convertible, especially a Jaguar, is a great investment 🚗 

Harry used to work in a bakery before he became a world renowned sensation, now he has a whopping £116 million to his name. With this money he has invested in some gorgeous cars among many other goods and gadgets. Realistically, the majority of us civilians will not be seeing that amount of money in our lifetime 😢 Thankfully with Carmoola, we have made it easier to buy the car of your dreams. 

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Whether you are a Directioner, a Harrie or just curious about cars, leave a comment in the comment section below and tell us about your dream car 🔥