How Often Should I Change My Car?

Do you get attached to your car that you don’t want to replace it or are you the type who wants a new car every few years? “How often should I change my car anyway?” you may ask. The answer here depends on a lot of factors, mainly your own preference and your finances. Every car owner has his or her own reasons why they want to replace their cars. It’s important to know what yours is so that you can arrive at a sound decision about whether or not to buy a new car. 

What’s Your Reason for Buying a New Car?

Changes happen in our lives all the time. You may have to move to another city and it’s more cost-efficient to get a new car there. Maybe you need to downgrade your car because of your current financial situation. Or you may want an upgrade because you got more funds in the bank. It’s going to be different for every car owner. 

Usually, the reason why first-time car owners buy a car is that they just passed the driving test. It’s the first necessary step before you can drive a car. And normally, once the test is done, you’d want to make the purchase so you can enjoy the freedom and convenience that driving your own car brings. 

Other reasons why someone would change cars is because their current one was damaged by an accident or is already too old to be road-worthy. The reason could be anything, really.

Maybe you saw an ad about a new car model and a good financing deal, and that really inspired you to grab the opportunity. Whatever it is, it’s an important factor in your decision to replace your current vehicle. 

Should You Really Get a New Car?

No matter what your reasons or circumstances are, it’s alright to spend time thinking about whether you should buy a new car or keep your old one. It’s going to be a big decision to make, not to mention an expensive one, too. 

However, do consider that vehicles deteriorate as they get older, and they may not be as reliable anymore. You may face expenses for frequent repairs or get stressed out because it keeps on breaking down. A lot of car owners choose to sell their cars before this happens so that they can still get a good price from selling them. 

How Long Do People Keep Their Cars?

On average, car owners actually keep their cars for up to six years. Many cars on the road are already 11 years old or more. While a lot of people keep their cars that long, that doesn’t mean you should also do the same.

The length of time you keep your car is a personal preference. Maybe you really like your car or there’s some sentimental value to it. That’s fine. Or you like that new car smell so you buy a new one every three years. It all depends on you. 

Benefits of Replacing Your Old Car

Of course, since you’re getting a new car, there are tons of benefits to it. But if you still need that extra push to make that big decision, here are some of the top benefits of replacing your old car.

New Features and Specs

If you’ve been driving your old car for years already, you’d probably be surprised at how much the features of new cars have advanced. With a newer car, you can choose from a range of specs and features that you want to be added - from the colour of the vehicle to the tiniest details that you want to customise. 

Enjoy the Best Offers

Car manufacturers, dealers, and financing companies come up with amazing and irresistible deals for car buyers all the time. It’s so easy to get financing nowadays that you don’t even need to pay any downpayment if you choose a zero deposit car finance deal. With so many options on how you can pay for the car, it's easier to replace your old vehicle if you want to. 

New Car, Clean Slate

What’s great about buying a new car is you’re going to be the first owner. Compared to a second-hand vehicle, you’ll need to do a lot of checks because the car already has a history. It could have had more than one owner, had some parts replaced, and other changes may have been made. You have to check all of those tiny details to make sure that the car won’t have any issues. 

You’ll Have Warranty 

If you ever encounter some bad luck and find that your new car has some problems, you don’t really have to worry about spending money on repairs. Since newer cars have warranties, the insurer will take care of those problems. It can be great if you can find a car that comes with five to seven-year warranties. 

Nothing Beats the Feeling of Having a New Ride

Having something new is exciting. We know this feeling if we buy something brand new, from clothes, accessories, to bigger purchases like homes and cars. And since you’ve previously owned a car, you know better now how to take care of your ride. You’re more knowledgeable about how to properly maintain it so that it will run well for a good number of years. 


How often you should replace your car depends on you. If the car is a few years old but still works well and you like it that much, then go ahead and enjoy it. But if you want to get a good deal from your old car by selling or trading it, the sooner you do, the better. 

You can then buy a brand new car that you like that comes with all the features and details you want. With all the car financing deals available today, buying a new car is going to be fast, easy, and simple. You’ll have a blast with your new car and it’s going to be an exciting time for you!