5 Misconceptions About Electric Cars

Electric cars are gaining popularity among car buyers in the UK. Have you also been thinking about shifting to a green car? 🍃 Maybe you’ve heard things about hybrid vehicles that put you off like they’re slow, inefficient or just impractical. These are common misconceptions about electric cars that are simply not true. Let’s debunk these myths once and for all!

Electric Cars are Slow

It must be because of how quiet electric cars are compared to the noisy combustion-engine vehicles we’ve become so used to, but EVs can actually accelerate rapidly. Yes, you won’t hear engine noise and all that but do you know that the only vehicle that can go from zero to 60mph in under two seconds is a full-electric car? 

EVs are known for how fast they are. Take the Nissan Leaf, for example, which can go to 60mph in 6.9 seconds. The Peugeot e208 is another popular electric car that can accelerate to 60mph in 7.5 seconds. They may not do it in under two seconds like the Tesla Model S Plaid but these two examples are mid-range EVs that are affordable to most car buyers. 

Electric Cars are Impractical

Maybe someone told you that EVs are too expensive to buy yet you can’t drive them far without needing to recharge, making them impractical vehicles. This isn’t true at all. Firstly, yes, electric cars are more expensive than diesel or petrol engine cars but that’s changing quickly because making them is becoming more affordable. Consequently, the price tags of EVs are also becoming more competitive. 

Apart from the changes in the cost of buying an electric car, there’s also a government grant to help you make the purchase. And then there’s a tax exemption as well! All these things encourage car buyers to go green and there’s no downside to it. In a few years, the ban on fossil fuel cars will be implemented so it’s better to make the transition to an environmentally friendly vehicle now before the demand blows up. 

Not Enough Charging Points

So, you want an electric car but you don’t have a charging point at home and don’t know where you can find one near you. It’s easy to assume there are not enough charging points but there are over 40,000 of them in more than 15,000 locations all over the UK! More and more charge points are being added every month so it’s nearly impossible not to have one in your location. 

You can go on a road trip across the UK with your electric car and you’ll surely find a place where you can charge your EV while you relax and have your coffee or tea. Once you’re done, you can continue on your journey with ease. The UK government made it a point that the country is EV-ready to encourage more people to go electric. 

EV Batteries Don’t Last a Long Time

In much the same way as conventional cars, EVs also deteriorate over time. But this doesn’t mean you need to change batteries every year, much like how people change smartphones. The batteries used for electric cars can last between one to two decades! That’s a really long time and you may have already bought another electric car before the battery of your old EV starts failing. 

Many EV carmakers provide warranties on their batteries, usually lasting about five to eight years. If you ever encounter any issues with the battery, you don’t have to worry about costly repairs or replacements since you have a warranty. Of course, do check with the manufacturer when it comes to proper care and maintenance so you can ensure that your EV battery will last long. 

Not Enough Options

When EVs come to mind, you might think of the Smart ForTwo Coupe or the Renault Twizy only. This is another misconception because many carmakers today are producing electric cars. These manufacturers are competing with each other in making the best electric vehicles so not only are prices becoming more affordable but the performance, style, and features of EVs are always improving. 

Some of the carmakers that have entered the EV market include BMW, Audi, Peugeot, Porsche, and Jaguar. Of course, you have the ever-reliable Japanese and Korean brands like Toyota and Kia. So you see, Tesla isn’t the only option if you’re looking for an electric vehicle. Many brands have made electric versions of their famous models so be sure to check them out!


Misconceptions are common, especially when something’s still new. Electric cars are new and different from what we’ve become used to so it’s normal for people to have misconceptions about them. If you’re looking to buy an EV, read more about them, ask questions when you’re at a dealership, and take one for a test drive. The experience of driving an EV would definitely clear away all those doubts! 🍃🚗