7 Radio Stations You Should Listen to in Your Car

Driving can be much more enjoyable if you have the perfect radio station to listen to while you head to your destination. 📻 When you’re on a long trip and you want to spend your time listening to great music or an entertaining and informative radio show, then it’s important to know which stations to tune in to. We’ve got a list of the best stations you might like. Here are seven good radio stations you should listen to in your car!

Capital Xtra

If you want to listen to the best upbeat music in the UK today, tune in to Capital Xtra. It’s one of those stations where you can listen to energetic tunes constantly. This station also plays rap and R&B music for those who love the genre. Capital Xtra doesn’t have a lot of talk shows, which is good if you only want the top tunes while you’re driving. 

Absolute Radio

Absolute Radio is an awesome choice for those who hate repetitive music. This station plays the latest top hits while also making sure you get to listen to older songs that you love! Just like Capital Xtra, Absolute Radio doesn’t have a lot of talk shows to offer but for non-stop music, you can count on this radio station. 

BBC Radio 2

Of course, BBC Radio 2 is popular for many people in the UK as it is the top radio station here. BBC Radio 2 started airing music at the same time as Radio 1 and 4. Radio 2 alone has over 15 million listeners every week. You don’t only get music from this station but the latest news as well. There are also not a lot of ads so you can enjoy listening to interesting talk shows and beautiful music without disruption. 


Heart is another top radio station to listen to. It started to go on air back in 1994 so it’s a lot younger than most of the stations on this list. Heart belongs to Global which has over 20 stations all over the UK. Heart used to be known for playing softer music but today, they also air trending and popular music. You can also learn about the news through this radio station and talk shows. Celebrities are known to host Heart frequently as well. 

BBC Radio 1

Now, if you want to listen to talk shows instead of music, you should definitely tune in to BBC Radio 1. It’s been around since 1967 so the BBC clearly knows how to do their thing and keep their listeners. Throughout the day, you can also listen to the top hits on this radio station. If you’re into the latest songs from different genres, be sure to tune in to Radio 1 in the evenings. 

Capital FM

Capital FM has been airing talk shows since way back in the early days of radio. This station is part of the Global Group for radio. You can get both FM and DAB stations from them and with several locations in the UK, you can go through a cross-country drive while listening to Capital FM. They have a varied music selection, from the oldies to the newest hits. 

Kiss FM

Kiss FM used to be a pirate radio station but by 1985, they went through a huge brand update. Not all their listeners were happy about it but the change did make Kiss FM legal, now belonging to Bauer Radio. You can listen to Kiss FM if you’re in London and East Anglia. This radio station became known for playing hip-hop and urban music. Today, it plays a wide array of songs from different genres, and yes, also the top hits. 

Yes, It’s Okay to Listen While Driving

Studies have stated that listening to music can actually help improve your mental well-being and can even boost your physical health! Don’t worry that you’ll get distracted while you’re behind the wheel because having a driving playlist can even help you concentrate. 

We all have those songs that make us happier and just bring back great and fun memories. As you know, there are times when driving can be boring, and when an activity is boring, it could lead to sleepiness. That’s not something you’d want to feel while driving as it can be very dangerous to you and other road users. 

Listening to music, the news or a radio talk show will also help you stay updated with what’s happening with your community, city, or the world. You get to learn something new whenever you’re tuned in to your favourite radio station. Even if you’re listening to music, it’s a nice way to discover new songs as well. You can add more hits to your road trip playlist!

Of course, you still need to be cautious if you’re driving while listening to music. Make sure that you’re not playing your music too loudly because you might not hear other vehicles when they’re blowing their horns to signal something. And yes, try not to get carried away as you’re singing along as well! Simply have fun listening to great tunes while your eyes are still on the road and you can hear what’s happening outside of your car. 


The next time you go for a long drive, try listening to some of the radio stations we have recommended here. Get to know which ones best fit your tastes. Whether you like the oldies or the newest experimental music, there’s a radio station that plays those! It’s only a matter of finding out which one brightens up your mood even when you’re stuck in heavy, slow-moving traffic or when you’re driving at night on a lonely road

Do you have a favourite radio station in mind that wasn’t included on our list? 🤔 Be sure to let us know! Share what you like about that particular radio station and what genres they play so that others can also tune in and have a more enjoyable time while heading to their destination! 🚘