Instagram's Top Influencers and Their Cars

Instagram is a hotbed for auto enthusiasts bringing you the latest on all things cars. 😃 From Tim Shmee to Yianni Charalambous, many influencers show off their cars, test the latest models and create exciting car content. But when it comes to their own vehicles, who's driving what? In this guide, we're looking at Instagram's top influencers and their cars. So read on to discover what Alex Hirschi and the like are driving. 

Tim Shmee

Tim has been going strong as an Instagram influencer since launching his YouTube page in 2010 and has amassed 2.5 million followers. He travels the world, covering exclusive events and filming some of the best luxury cars around, including Lamborghinis and Ferraris. When it comes to his own personal car choice, Tim is somewhat of a collector with 15 cars, and it's the McLaren 675LT Spider that stands out for us. But he also keeps it more low-key with a Ford GT. It's good to have a balance. 

Yianni Charalambous

Yianni is a celebrity car customiser with a popular Instagram page and YouTube channel. He's the go-to guy for car customisation, especially with Premier League footballers; he's customised cars for Sergio Aguero, Theo Walcott and Didier Drogba, to name a few. UFC fighter Conor McGregor even once asked him to design a plane. During his downtime, Yianni drives a Lamborghini Aventador S, Range Rover Velar Urban, an SLS and V-Class. Out of all his vehicles, it's the Lamborghini that he cherishes the most, saying, "I love that car and colour". 

Supercar Blondie

Alex Hirschi is an Australian influencer who launched Supercar Blondie. Based in Dubai, she hunts down the world's coolest cars and shares them with her impressive 9.8 million followers. She owns two supercars – a Rolls-Royce and a McLaren – and has the Tesla Cybertruck on order. Alex has already been named the most influential woman in the Arab world by Arabian Business and received the Influencer of the Year award by Esquire Middle East. 

Sophia Floersch 

Sophia Floersch is perhaps the most impressive of all the influencers on this list. That's because she's an actual racing driver and considered one of the most promising young drivers in motorsports. Sarah started racing at the age of four, and while we're not quite sure what car she drives in her free time, we do know that she races an Audi Sports R8 LMS GT3, which has 585 bhp. Not a bad day job if you ask us. 

Lord Aleem

Lord Aleem is the CEO of Platinum Executive Travel, a luxury car hire company. As you can probably guess, someone who supplies luxury and performance cars for everything from weddings to music videos also has his own impressive collection of supercars. Aleem not afraid to show them off to his 667k followers either, with the Rolls-Royce Phantom, BMW M3 and Mercedes G6 all making appearances on his page. 

David Patterson

Known to his fans as That Dude in Blue, David Patterson worked in Hollywood before filming cars. Now, he hosts everything from car reviews to documentaries. More than one million people subscribe to David's YouTube channel, while 262k follow him on Instagram. As far as David's personal cars go, he's famous for owning a 2013 grabber blue Mustang, which he customised himself. 

Instagrammers and their cars

Being famous on Instagram isn't a bad job if you can get it, especially if you're known for driving the coolest cars around. It's a good thing the Instagrammers on our list have good taste too, which you can see in their personal vehicle choices, whether it's a McLaren, BMW or even a Ford Mustang.