15 Undeniable Reasons to Love Road Trips

Who doesn't love a road trip? Whether you're the driver or passenger, there's something undeniable about heading off on an adventure in your motor.

But why do people love road trips so much? That's what we're here to answer with our 15 undeniable reasons to love road trips!

1. Road trips are a great bonding session 🤝

Where better to bond with your friends than on a road trip? Sure, the first half of the car journey will mostly consist of every one of you belting out your favourite songs.

But once all the songs are sung, it's time to chat away and build the friendship up. There's no place like a car on a long road trip for bonding with your besties. 

2. Discover hidden gems 🔍

Road tripping is the chance to find a hidden gem or two, especially if you're taking the scenic route.

Discover charming rural villages and towns or get back to nature with the rolling countryside and coastlines in the UK.

Sure, you know the start and end destination, but a few things in between might just give you a surprise or two. 

3. The sense of freedom 😎

Nothing offers a sense of freedom quite like hitting the open road. You choose the time to leave, how long it takes you to get there and if you plan on stopping along the way.

There are no public transport times to conform to; you can go at your own leisure and enjoy the kind of freedom you only get with a car. 

4. It's socially distanced 😷

If you fancy going it alone and still don't feel comfortable socialising with others, a solo road trip offers the convenience of social distancing.

Tell yourself it's just me, myself and I, as you hit the road with the windows rolled up and the sanitiser in the glove box.  

5. It's an excuse to make a new playlist 🎵

A road trip requires some seriously good music, which is why you'll need to create a killer playlist.

No road trip is complete without top tunes, and you can use it as an excuse to curate a playlist that captures the mood of your adventure.

Or you could just use our top playlists if you need some inspiration. 🤘

6. You're in control 🏎️

It doesn't matter how many people are going on the road trip; you're the one in the driver's seat, and you're in control!

While we don't advocate taking matters into your own hands and choosing the destination yourself, it's empowering being the one behind the wheel on your road trip. 

7. You can visit other countries

Try walking to France. Good luck with that! In your car, though, now that's a different story.

You don't need to limit your road trips to the UK. You can explore Europe behind the wheel of your very own car, with France as your starting destination.

Did someone say Paris? 😉

8. Clear your mind 🤯

Road trips can be cathartic as you hit the open road. It allows you to gather your thoughts and clear your mind.

Sometimes, it's good to escape for a little while, and getting in your car and driving anywhere allows you to do just that. 

9. Bring your pet 🐶

You can't bring your dog on a plane and have them sit right next to you on the passenger's seat. And taking your pet on public transport is far from ideal with so many people around.

In a car, though, well, that's a different story. Put your pup in the seat next to you and go on an adventure with your little furry friend. 

10. Car games 🃏

Ramp the excitement levels up to 11 as you and your friends play car games throughout your road trip.

From I Spy to Radio Roulette, there are a ton of great games you can play on your road trip. 

11. The scenery 🌳

The UK has some truly stunning scenery to soak up on your car trip (unless you're driving down the M1). Discover the best of the UK in your vehicle. 

From rugged coastlines and cliffs in areas like Dorset and Cornwall to sweeping countryside in the New Forest and mountains in the Peak District, you're sure to enjoy the view.

12. Drive-thrus 🚗

Who doesn't love a drive-thru, especially if it's a McDonald's? A road trip is your chance to indulge and try a drive-thru or two along your route to the final destination. 

13. Hotel stopovers 🏨

If you're going to be on the road for quite a bit of time, you get to stay in a hotel. Be sure to choose a good hotel when you're planning your road trip. 

Make the most of that chocolate on the pillow and enjoy the king-size bed as you indulge in a classy hotel on the way to your final destination.  

14. Save money 💷

A road trip can be a real money saver, especially as some long train journeys cost hundreds of pounds. If you're travelling with your friends, it's a great idea to split fuel costs.  

15. You get to drive your car 🚘

Because if you don't like driving, then you certainly won't enjoy a two-hour-plus road trip. 

Love ❤️ Thy Road Trip

You really can't beat a good road trip. But whenever you're not sure whether you deserve that exciting adventure, come back to this list for another reason or two, grab your keys, rev up the engine and enjoy a road trip adventure! 😎