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Arsenal F.C Football Players and Their Cars

In recent years, the Arsenal football team has continued to get better and better with the introduction of youth. The Gunners have developed a great team, led by Arsenal legend Mikel Arteta. With superstars like Bukayo Saka, Aaron Ramsdale & Martin Ødegaard - Stanley Kroenke doesn't hold back when it comes to wages, and you know what that means?

It means there is a car collection to match. And the boys have class on and off the pitch. From Lamborghini’s to the trusty Range Rover, the Arsenal team has it all. Continue reading to find out more…

The Arsenal Football Team

Arsenal are a Premier League club whose roots began in Islington, London. From its first incarnation as Dial Square in 1886, the Club became Arsenal FC in 1919. That was the beginning of a storied history that has delivered 14 FA Cups, a Winners’ Cup, 13 League Championship titles, including three Premier League titles, 16 Community Shields, and two League Cups. It is no secret that Arsenal has dominated over the history of English football, and the Reds fans in the Carmoola office always let us know 😂

Arsenal 1st XI Squad

With Arteta's huge squad we can't include everyone’s car collection, we would be here all day, however, what we can do is include the most impressive. So today we are going to be looking at;

  1. Gabriel Jesus
  2. Aaron Ramsdale
  3. Martin Ødegaard
  4. Emile Smith-Rowe
  5. Nicolas Pepe

And trust us when we say - you are in for a treat here guys...

Arsenal F.C & BYD Auto

One of Arsenal’s official partners are BYD Auto. The club statement after signing an agreement read: “We have signed a global agreement with the world’s best-selling electric vehicle manufacturer, BYD Auto.”

“BYD becomes our official car and bus partner. China-based BYD – which stands for Build Your Dreams – designs, develops, manufactures and distributes cars, buses, commercial vehicles and rail stock. Based in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, BYD has been the world’s biggest new energy car sales business over the past three years. It provides single and double-decker buses to Transport for London and employs more than 220,000 employees across five continents.”

We think it's super refreshing to see a big Premier League club like Arsenal enter into a deal like this with an electric car company. Check out our previous blog posts on our personal favourite electric vehicles here...

Gabriel Jesus

Jesus is Arsenal's latest signing. He is an energetic, versatile, all-action forward who had scored 95 goals in 236 games in all competitions prior to joining Arsenal. Gabriel Jesus famously comes from the Brazilian favelas, and his rise to footballing fame has come with a distinct change in economic situation as well. And more money means more cars... Jesus will start to ride around the English capital in his Mercedes, that he bought after his £4 million a year new deal was announced. We love it Gabriel!

Screenshot 2022-07-28 at 13.06.11 1
Aaron Ramsdale

Ramsdale has his very own Mercedes G63 AMG, a great car with an even better defence system. Just like his playing style, this car is bulletproof, and ready for just about anything. We don't know why Aaron would ever need this, but just in case of a zombie apocalypse, he has got it just in case!

The car was modified by Urban Automotive who wrapped it in an amazing satin grey aluminium colour for that classy finish. We absolutely love it, but you can decide for yourself...

Screenshot 2022-06-28 at 15.16.23
Martin Ødegaard

Arguably Arsenal's most talented player, Martin Ødegaard's car choices are just as good as his decisions on the pitch. The Norwegian ace drives an Audi, that he got for joining Real Madrid as part of their deal with Audi. That means he can hit some serious speeds on the road, which is ideal for Martin who puts on the burners to escape defenders on the pitch. 

Emile Smith-Rowe

Ødegaard's Arsenal teammate Emile Smith-Rowe likes to get behind the wheel of a host of cars and is often spotted around Croydon on his way to the training ground in a host of cars. The flamboyant youngster has a car collection that is unattainable to most of us, but it's pocket change for a Premier League footballer. His favourite cars are his Range Rover, the Audi Q7, and his Mercedes Benz. Just reading that list makes us feel like we are in a luxury car garage 🥵

Nicolas Pepe

Arsenal new boy Nicolas Pepe has impressed on the Emirates turf, and he has the same skill level when it comes to driving as he has managed to control a state of the art Ferrari for the past couple of years he has been in the English capital. Respect Nicolas!


The Emirates parking lot is like a car dealership. Just writing this, we have been in awe the whole time. From Pepe's Ferrar, to Ramsdale's apocalypse proof Mercedes. We have loved every minute of writing this, and we encourage you guys to leave a comment, or check out our app, if you want to support us further! 👍

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