Aimee Rogers

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Aimee has been writing for seventeen years. She has covered multiple niches including car finance, insurance and car hire. Aimee started writing for Carmoola at the beginning of 2023. Alongside this Aimee has been working at a car hire company for eleven years. This has helped build her knowledge and experience on cars and the motor industry. Aimee is motivated by helping people through her writing, she hopes to inspire, challenge, educate and entertain her readers. For Carmoola she writes pop culture, car maintenance and car finance content.

Aimee Rogers

Popular articles from Aimee Rogers

Top 5 Cars in Drive the Movie

With its slick, stylish visuals, heart-pumping plot, and unforgettable performances, Drive (2011) unsurprisingly became a real cult classic. It's a...

What Cars Does Billie Eilish Own?

With her unique sound, bold fashion sense, and captivating stage presence, Billie Eilish has established herself as a true icon in the world of pop...

A Look Inside Lewis Capaldi's Car Collection

Lewis Capaldi, the heart-tugging voice behind the chart-topping 'Someone You Loved', has taken the music world by storm. Achieving over 11 million...

Jennifer Lopez Car Collection

When it comes to success, Jennifer Lopez has earned her stripes in the entertainment industry. The American actor, dancer, and singer is a true force...

How Do I Know If I Was Mis-Sold Car Finance?

The recent investigation by the FCA into mis-sold car finance could see millions of consumers receive compensation.

While the claims relate to car...

A Guide to Car Dashboard Symbols

Modern cars are technological marvels, filled with sophisticated electronics and sensors that monitor every aspect of your vehicle's performance.


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Car Emoji Quiz: Can You Guess These Popular Car Brands?

Test your car knowledge with this fun emoji quiz 😀

Winter Driving Myths: Fact or Fiction

Driving in winter can be challenging. From iced-up windscreens to snowy roads – there are plenty of obstacles to overcome.❄️

How to Drive Through Flood Water

With the UK's notorious wet weather, it’s not uncommon to come across flood water on the roads.

Autumn Driving Tips: Prepare yourself and your car for the new season

As autumn rolls in, bringing with it cooler temperatures and changing road conditions, it creates unique challenges for you and your car.

Don’t Fall Victim to These Frightful Fines This Halloween

Getting into the Halloween spirit is always fun, but if you aren't careful, it could land you in trouble when driving.

UK Road Signs: How Many Frequently Misunderstood Signs Do You know?

There are hundreds of different road signs in the UK, but some are much more common than others.

Icon Diana Ross and Her Iconic Cars

Music legend Diana Ross may not be known for her obsession with cars, but she certainly knows how to pick a luxurious ride.

What is a Deposit Contribution?

When it comes to car finance, the term 'deposit contribution' frequently pops up.

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