Jay Kay and his Multi Million Car Collection

Here’s a question for Jay Kay devotees: does he have more songs or cars? The lead vocalist of Jamiroquai is worth an estimated £40 million, and is ready to splash out on his favourite four-wheeled hobby. Some people have estimated that he’s owned hundreds of cars in his life, and give honourable mention to his unique green LaFerrari and 1965 Ferrari 330 GT Vignale Shooting Brake. Let’s come a little closer and see what else Jay Kay has in his garage.


What would you treat yourself to on your 40th birthday? If you’re Jay Kay, the choice is clear: a Ferrari 275 GTB. This model was designed by Scaglietti and Pininifarina and is made from aluminium and aluminium alloy. It has a front engine, which powers the rear wheels, and the engine is a 3.3 litre Colombo V12. It’s a lot of car to handle, but we trust Jay Kay to know his way around a Ferrari. 

Of course, one couldn’t have a solitary Ferrari. What if it got lonely? Thankfully, Jay Kay decided to expand his Ferrari team with a Ferrari Enzo. Only 400 of these were ever made, so they’ve got a special place in anyone’s collection. Able to go over 200mph, the Enzo is a dream for any speed demon.


Aston Martin

If you’re worth £40 million, you might be considered to have a gold finger. And if you’re Jay Kay, you might even own an Aston Martin DB5 Mark 1 Volante, which appeared in Goldfinger (1964). Although Bond’s car had some modifications (courtesy of Q, no doubt) we hope that Jay Kay keeps this one in mint condition so it can be enjoyed by everyone for many more years.



Sometimes, we have to make difficult choices. Other times, we come across a 2002 BMW Baur Cabriolet, which skilfully combines convertibles and saloon cars, to achieve an unusual look and a spectacular feel. Two different approaches could have only come from two different designers - in this case, BMW worked with a German coach-builder, Baur. The end result is something which looks retro but has every contemporary luxury.

You never forget your first, of course. A few years ago, Jay Kay made headlines as he decided to part with the car he learnt to drive in. Whilst for many of us, this was a parents’ old banger, Jay Kay decided to use a 1972 BMW 1602. Legend has it that most of Jamiroquai’s album Emergency on Planet Earth was written in the car, so even though it’s no longer in Kay’s garage, we know some lucky owner has a special part of musical and vehicular history, hopefully tucked away safely. 



Lamborghini may have been founded to compete with Ferrari, but it seems like the real winners are anyone who loves cars. Jay Kay’s Lamborghini Miura SV is worth millions, and that value is, in no small part, due to its feature in Jamiroquai's song Alright. Sometimes, we find muses in unexpected places, and for Kay, this must have been his garage. 

The Lamborghini Miura SV isn’t the only Lambo to feature in Jay Kay’s discography. Kay’s beautifully garish purple Lamboghini Diabalo  was, arguably, the star of the music video for Cosmic Girl and is now widely considered to be iconic. The car was named after a fighting bull, and it’s easy to see how anything this eye-catching could start a little commotion.



Apparently, style never goes out of fashion - and that’s how Jay Kay would describe his Mercedes-Benz 300 Roadster. We can see his point. Originally designed in the 1950s, this must be the inspiration for many classic cars and with its sleek look and excellent engine, we can see why. 


Although many of the cars in Jay Kay’s collection are luxury sports cars, sometimes it’s nice to break away from the mould with something more vintage. Enter the Rolls-Royce. Kay apparently owns two: a Rolls-Royce Phantom and a Rolls-Royce Park Limousine. Neither car is as speedy as the rest of the garage, but with a top speed of 150mph, Kay will still be able to get wherever he wants pretty damn quick. 



If you want to look like you’ve just driven off the set of James Bond, the Maserati A6G is the way to go. Jay Kay’s is a glossy black, which just makes it look more classic, and because only 60 of these were produced, you’re bound to get some envious (and surprised) glances. Perhaps its rarity is why it’s so expensive: each unit is worth nearly $1.5 million USD. Plus, of course, there’s the 0-60mph in 12 seconds and the 148 horsepower engine. 


Jay Kay might have made his name in the recording studio, but it’s certainly possible that his car collection is even more iconic. Jay Kay’s collection has been valued at millions of pounds, and with names like Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin and Lamborghini in there, we’re hardly surprised. As he continues to buy and sell the vehicles, it’s difficult to keep track of what Jay Kay owns and what he’s got under wraps. We don’t have an exhaustive list, and we’d love to know which car Jay Kay loves the most.