Nottingham Forest Football Players and Their Cars

We all love a sporting rivalry. It encourages competitive spirit and keeps people motivated, which is why fans are so keen to tell their club’s rivals just how much they suck. Officially, Nottingham Forest FC’s competition is the rest of the Premier League, but outside of that especially Derby, Leicester City and Sheffield United. However, we have always wondered if the boys ever try to one-up each other with their luxury rides. We’ve compiled the best cars owned by the Reds, and we’d love to know who you think has the best car collection.

Willy Boly

First up is Willy Boly. Boly has had quite the career, playing for the Ivory Coast national team as well as Nottingham Forest and previously Wolverhampton Wanderers. On the road the centre back likes to travel in style, as his black Rolls-Royce would suggest. If you have the option (and the cash) for one of these beauties, why wouldn’t you take that opportunity? 

Omar Richards

Omar Richards might not have a reputation for being a dark horse, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t ride one. No, I’m not talking about Porsches or Ferraris - we’ll get to them in a moment - he literally went horse riding whilst on holiday in Jamaica. Also on the agenda? Quad biking with his friends. When he’s not enjoying the Jamaican sun, Richards has a black car. He’s keen to show it off on his Instagram page, but we can’t actually see the make or model. Perhaps he is mysterious, after all.

Cheikhou Kouyate

Omar Richards isn’t the only player who likes a black car. Cheikhou Kouyate has a black Bentley Continental GT, which seems appropriate for a man who plays across two different continents. When he’s not at City Ground Kouyate plays for the Senegal national team. Let’s hope he doesn’t have to drive the whole commute.

Loic Bade

Loic Bade is the next proud owner of a black car. The 22 year old might only be on loan from the French team Rennes, but we think he’s doing everything he can to fit in. Including buying a black Mercedes-Benz! Hopefully it’ll make up for missing out on all that driving on the wrong side of the road.

Wayne Hennessey & Emmanuel Dennis

The Reds are clearly fans of the Mercedes-Benzs. Bade has one in black, and his new teammates Wayne Hennessey and Emmanuel Dennis both have a white Mercedes-Benz. It must get a little confusing in the garage, but perhaps a valet service would be helpful. 

Remo Freuler

Remo Freuler is out here breaking moulds and changing things up. That’s right, the Swiss Midfielder has a silver VW and was photographed emerging from the vehicle with his wife. If your significant other likes your car and you’re Swiss, is that a big plus? Another unique spirit is Taiwo Awoniyi, who drives an Audi. 

Serge Aurier

Serge Aurier has more of a car collection than most of his team. Nottingham Forest might be called the Reds, but forward, who also plays for the Nigerian national team, seems to prefer things black and white. He owns a white Bentley and a black Porsche Cayenne.


Jesse Lingard

Finally, there’s Jesse Lingard. Former Manchester United man Lingard is believed to have three cars: a Bentley GT, a Mercedes-Benz AMG C63 S Coupe and a Porsche. The most crucial part of his garage, though, is the adorable little pink car driven by his young daughter. Lingard took to Instagram to share the photograph of the two of them showing off their rides, and we can certainly see why he would want to flex. 


And that is it for today's blog post. We hope that you have enjoyed reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it. Want to know more about athletes and their cars? Check out what tennis legend Novak Djokovic drives

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