5 Best Car Gadgets for Road Trips

Going on a road trip requires careful planning, so you can be sure that everything goes smoothly all throughout your journey. Of course, there might be some surprises along the way; that’s why it’s also important to be prepared for things like having a flat tyre or a dead battery. We’ve gathered 5 best car gadgets for road trips you should definitely check out! 

9-in-1 Portable Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge

Here’s a handy tool from Promate that every car owner needs to have. This tyre pressure gauge is a 9-in-1 tool and will help you ensure that your tyres have the right pressure. Using it is easy as well since it’s digital, so you’ll get an accurate reading whenever you check the pressure of your car’s tyres. 

Apart from being a tyre pressure gauge, it also has LED lights, a seatbelt cutter, a glass hammer, a number of screwdrivers, pliers, and scissors. These are all the essential tools you need in case you get into a vehicular incident where you might need something to break a window or cut your seatbelt loose. 

Dual Car Charger Charging Ports

The Scosche Powervolt is a dual car charger with charging ports for 18W USB-C and 12w USB-A. These days, we all need a trusty car charger for our devices, especially if we’re heading out on a long road trip

Our smartphones are essential for communication, as well as entertainment, so having this dual car charger is one of the gadgets to make your road trip easier. Whenever you use your smartphone’s maps and GPS features, it consumes more power, so you wouldn’t want to have a dead phone battery when you’re out in an unfamiliar location. 

With this charger from Scosche, you’ll have a 12W USB-A port, as well as an 18W USB-C port. You can charge two devices at the same time. The USB-C port is Power Delivery compliant, so it can charge your device and get it to 70% charged in just 30 minutes. This is a great feature because you don’t have to wait to get to your destination before you can charge your smartphone or tablet. Of all the road trip gadgets, a car charger is arguably one of the most important ones to have with you.

Dash Camera

Having a dashcam installed in your car is also crucial. You can use it to record videos of the picturesque places that you pass through while you’re on your road trip and also have a device to record any road incidents where you’ll need evidence, like for an insurance claim. 

One of the most recommended dashcams is the Volkano Suburbia Series 720 Dashcam with a 110-degree wide-angle lens. This dashcam also has a built-in G-Force sensor, allowing the device to detect collisions automatically, as well as any large movements. There are three modes available from this Volkano Suburbia dashcam — photo capture, video capture, and playback. 

Car Battery and Alternator Tester

Having a car battery tester is vital, not just for road trips but for regularly checking if your car battery is still doing well. A battery tester is not expensive, so it’s definitely a must-have. For example, the Cartman car battery and alternator tester is one of the most reliable and budget-friendly ones you can buy. It’s also compact and easy to use. There’s an LED display that will tell you the condition of your car battery. 

All you have to do is connect the red clamp of the tester to the positive terminal of the battery and the black clamp to the negative terminal. Of course, be sure that your car is not running or idling. It should be turned off. In case you need to use this device as an alternator, then you first have to turn the car on and then connect the clamps as usual. 

Wireless FM Transmitter & Hands-free Car Kit

If you have an older car or one that doesn’t have its own built-in Bluetooth, you can use this Maxlife Dual Port wireless FM transmitter and hands-free car kit. Having something to listen to, like a podcast, a radio show, or your favourite road trip playlist, will make the ride a lot more enjoyable. 

This device features Bluetooth 5.1, so you can listen to the songs you love through the car’s speakers through an FM radio signal. This means a wired connection is no longer necessary. This car kit also has a built-in microphone and essential controls you need for safe and hands-free calling. Don’t worry about the device’s compatibility with Spotify and Apple Music because it will work smoothly with either. 


Now you have five of the best car gadgets to have for more fun and safe road trips. You’ll have a charger to keep your devices working while you’re on the road, a battery tester to check your car’s battery before heading out to your next adventure, a tyre gauge to ensure the tyres have the right pressure, a dashcam for recording beautiful scenery while also being a device for recording any road incidents, and a wireless transmitter and car kit for the best songs for your road trip! 🎶