What Are the Best Car Gadgets?

Having the latest technology isn’t always necessary for making your car high-tech. You can upgrade a motor with some nifty gadgets that give it more convenience, even add a touch of flair. Even better, they’re usually cost-efficient. But which gadgets should you seriously consider getting for your vehicle? We’ve put this handy guide together to help you find the coolest car gadgets around for your set of wheels. 

Cast Heads-Up Display

Who needs to spend five or six figures on a snazzy car with a heads-up display (HUD) when you can buy a standalone one? Companies are now turning your smartphone into a HUD, projecting the GPS onto a transparent screen in front of you. It works with both Android and iOS devices, and you can also receive calls, read texts and control music all from a projection on your window screen. Take that, fancy car owners. 

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

Once upon a time, you could only use Android Auto and Apple CarPlay if the vehicle had built-in capacity. That’s not the case any more, though. With a growing number of drivers demanding safe access to their smartphones while driving, a raft of after market systems has appeared. So now you can buy the head unit and have it installed in your car for access to everything Apple and Android. 

Amazon Echo Auto

Amazon is finally sneaking its way into cars, and it does so with the Amazon Echo Auto. Now you can take advantage of Alexa on the go, asking it for directions, to control the radio and pretty much anything else it does. Heck, why not ask Alexa to give you a tasty recipe as you drive home from work and get ready to prepare dinner? 

Cordless hoover

Car mess is a serious issue, especially if your little furry friend comes on board for a ride every now and then. Even if you don’t own a pet, we’re all guilty of losing that chocolate wrapper down the side of the seat or letting crumbs loose from the croissant we ate the go. With a cordless hoover, however, you can keep your car in tip-top shape and clean on the go. It’s wireless, completely portable and comes with a power cable, so you can store it in your car and charge while you drive.


An increasing number of drivers are using dashcams in their cars as a form of proof should they be victim to a traffic accident. Dashcams also help protect against theft, acting as a form of CCTV in the process. The latest models have everything from a 180-degree field of view to the ability to film in 1440p video. You can control them from your smartphone, which means keeping an eye on your car no matter where you are in the world. 

Smart chargers

Remember the days when we all bought a charger for our car and plugged it into the cigarette outlet? Well, times have moved on, and we’ve now got smart chargers. The latest iterations allow you to use your phone hands-free, control the radio and, of course, charge your phone. 

Car phone holder

The majority of new cars have a section where you can keep a phone. But if your vehicle isn’t one of those models, worry not. Car phone holders make your life much easier, especially if you’re using them as a sat-nav. The latest models hold your phone with no fuss, with the mobile attached to the mount via a magnetic pad that keeps your phone nice and sturdy even during the bumpiest of rides. 

Coffee makers

Yes, you read that right – you can even get coffee makers in cars now. So if you’re a coffee lover on the go, your life is about to change. The Handpresso Auto is designed for car use, with the coffee maker plugging into the cigarette lighter to deliver a barista-quality espresso in just two minutes. It fits in the cupholder and works with both ESE pods and ground coffee. 

The best car gadgets around

Forget about supercars; it’s all about handy car gadgets that take your car from regular motor to high-tech vehicle. Install that plus HUD display, get yourself a cordless hoover and get access to an endless amount of coffee with some of the best car gadgets around.