What Does a Good Car Insurance Policy Look Like?

Are you thinking about what is a good insurance policy for your car? As you know, car insurance policies have many features. There are some features that are crucial, and you should definitely get them. However, there are also other features that are not so important, and you may choose not to include them. In this post let’s take a look at the must-haves for your car insurance policy. 

Why You Need a Car Insurance Policy

Every car owner and driver needs car insurance so that they can drive on the road with peace of mind knowing that they will be covered in the event of an accident, theft, or fire. However, finding the best kind of cover can be challenging. 

Firstly, how does car insurance work? The insurance provider will pay for the cost of repairs if the vehicle is vandalized or stolen, caught in an accident, or catches fire. At its minimum, the insurance policy will protect you from any damage that you may cause to other drivers, properties, and other road users. These are called third parties. 

If the accident was your fault, then you would need to claim your policy. However, if it is another driver’s fault, then they should be the ones to claim their policy. Take note that in the UK, you are not allowed to drive on the road without having any car insurance. If you do so and you are caught, then you would have to pay a fine that may amount to £1000. Your car may even be seized or destroyed. 

Features of a Good Car Insurance Policy

Theft or Loss of Keys 

If your car keys were stolen or lost, the insurance provider will pay for the costs of having the keys replaced, along with the locks associated with them. They can give about £300 or more. However, if your keys were left in the car or were taken without you giving permission to the member of your immediate family or someone who lives in your home, the insurance provider won't be paying for the replacement costs. 

Windscreen Cover

Good car insurance should include a windscreen cover. With this feature, if ever your windscreen gets damaged, you can have it repaired or even replaced once you file a claim for damage or loss. A reliable insurance policy provider will be able to provide you with this feature. 

You have to be aware though that the car’s sunroofs and windows may not be included in the windscreen cover. You also have to take note that the repairer should be approved by the insurance provider Otherwise, the insurance company may not provide the full amount if you have to file a damage or loss claim.

Protected No Claims Discount

There is also the protected no claims discount that ensures that you won't lose the feature if you do file a claim. You can choose to add up this feature to your car insurance policy. You will be allowed up to two claims during a three-year period. Do understand that there are limits to how many times you can file a claim during a specific period, for example, three years. Before you buy any policy, check what the insurance company is willing to give

Damage or Loss of Personal Belongings

Another feature that is a must-have for a car insurance policy is a cover for the damage or loss of your personal belongings. For example, if there was an accident, theft, or fire while you were in your car, the insurance provider will take care of the cost of the personal belongings that have been lost or damaged. This may include your bags, your CDs, and other things in your car. 

The insurance provider may be able to provide at least £200 for this kind of loss or damage. Take note that money stamps, tickets, debit cards and credit cards are not included in the category of personal belongings. If there was any theft committed when the car was open and it's a convertible, then that won't be covered. An exception though is if the personal belongings were stolen or damaged while they were kept in a locked compartment.

Car Rescue Cover

Another must-have feature is the car rescue cover. With this kind of feature, if you ever experience an accident that immobilises the car, the insurance provider will pay for the cost of taking the vehicle away from the location where the accident happened and into a repair shop. The insurance provider will take care of the reasonable costs of taking your car from the scene of the accident to the most available auto mechanic or garage within the vicinity. 

Courtesy Car

Here's a must-have feature that you should also consider. The courtesy car feature will allow you to continue on your journey using another car. If you're ever involved in an accident, or your vehicle broke down, the insurance company will send you an alternative car so that you can still have the convenience of having a vehicle while the one you own is being repaired. You may choose to add this feature to your insurance policy or also include it as a standard. 

Repairs Guaranteed

And lastly, repairs guaranteed is a feature that guarantees that the insurer will take care of the repair work for your car, as long as they will be carried out by their chosen auto mechanics. The insurance company should give a 12-month guarantee for this feature. Before getting your car repaired, do check that the repairer is one that is approved by the provider because if you choose someone else, then the cost won't be covered by the policy 


Apart from the fact that having a car insurance policy is a requirement by the law, it will actually save you from spending a significant amount of money in case your car gets in an accident, gets damaged or stolen. While basic policies provide enough cover already, you may want to consider adding extra covers to your policy. 

By adding these extras, you would have to pay additional costs to the insurance premium, but If you weigh in on the pros and cons, it could be more advantageous to you if you do get extra covers. Check with your insurance provider about the features that are already included in the standard policy, as well as the available extra features that you can get. 

Car insurance can be costly, especially for new drivers with no proven track record - so if you are a younger driver and premiums are looking high, why not look into "black box" insurance - then if you do drive carefully and sensible you will benefit from lower premiums.