The Most Annoying Driving Habits

Being behind the wheel is loads of fun until someone goes and cuts you up or fails to turn without indicating. 🙄 Unfortunately, putting up with bad driving habits is part and parcel of being on the road. But which habits really grind drivers' gears? We've put this guide together detailing the most annoying driver habits that'll leave you on the cusp of road rage. 

Failing to indicate

There's nothing more annoying than being at a crossroad and assuming the car in front of you is about to go straight ahead, only for the driver to turn left or right at the last minute. Or when you're behind a car that's seemingly slowing down for no reason, and it's because they're turning and just couldn't be bothered to switch on the indicator. 

Driving below the speed limit

You heard that right – how annoying is it when the car in front of you is going at a snail's pace when they can legally drive faster? It's especially grinding when you're in a rush. Driving below the speed limit isn't just something that grates with drivers; in some rural areas, it's deemed as dangerous to drive significantly slower than the speed limit and can result in a fine of up to £5,000.

Middle-lane hoggers

If you've been on the motorway and seen a car glued to the middle lane, you've got yourself a lane hogger. It's become such a source of frustration for drivers that police have pledged to prosecute middle-lane drivers. Yet, nothing has happened, and some motorists are still out there cruising in the middle lane without any thoughts for the other drivers on the road. 


Tailgating involves driving dangerously too close to the car in front, or it can also mean following a police car or ambulance that has cleared a pathway with its sirens. Not only is it incredibly arrogant to think it's ok can tail an emergency vehicle, but it's also dangerous to everyone around you. 

Not saying thank you

Is it really that hard to give a simple wave after giving another driver the right of way?  So rude! It's not like we're asking them to pull over, get out of the car and buy us a drink. They don't even need to lift their whole hand off the wheel. A small wave, palm still attached to the wheel, will suffice. 

Taking up two parking spaces

Parking (especially in big cities) is hard enough as it is. Therefore, you don't need someone taking up two parking spaces because they're a lazy parker who can't be bothered to park within THE LINES, WHICH ARE CLEARLY DRAWN OUT FOR ONE CAR. As far as annoying driving habits go, taking up two spaces is easily one of the most irritating. And people can receive a ticket for this too!

Accelerating up to a roundabout

Why do people feel the need to speed up to a roundabout? The chances are that the driver will need to stop anyway, especially at busier ones. Yet loads of motorists seem to think it makes sense not only to fail to slow down but actually increase the speed as you reach a busy roundabout with cars coming and going from all directions. Madness. 

Driving too fast

This one goes without saying, really. We all get the desire to put the foot down on the accelerator and go full pedal to the metal. But speed limits are there for a reason, and there really is no excuse for driving over the speed limit. Nothing good can come of it. 

People who don't let you change lane

Trying to change lanes can be stressful, especially during heavy traffic. And it's made even more stressful when you've been indicating for what feels like an eternity and no one will let you in the lane. And if there's an obstruction ahead, it can even lead to a dangerous collision. So next time, just let the person who is indicating in the lane if you're someone who doesn't do so normally. 

Queuing for right-hand fuel pumps

Most fuel pumps reach across the car – to the point where petrol stations have started labelling left-hand pumps as "extra long". Yet, it's not uncommon to see a bunch of cars queuing up for the right-hand pump while the left one sits there wondering what it's done wrong. 

Leaving high beams on

If there's a surefire way to blind other drivers on the road, it's leaving the full-beam headlights on. Or driving with fog lights on when it's not foggy. Sometimes drivers just forget, but more often than not, they can't be bothered to switch them off as they pass other cars.

Last-minute breaking

One of the most common (and annoying) driving habits is breaking at the very last minute. It's the easiest way to cause an accident and can even lead to pile-ups on the motorway, dual carriageways and at roundabouts. Plus, if you crash into a driver who braked late, it's hard to argue your point as it always looks like you were the one driving irresponsibly

The most annoying driving habits

If you find yourself regularly making one of the driving habits on our list, then it's time to change your methods. And if you've witnessed other drivers exhibiting these habits, you'll know just how frustrating it is. Some can be forgiven as forgetful or a one-off, but being a mindful driver can stop you from bad habits while driving and help make the roads a more enjoyable place for everyone.