What Range Does an Electric Nissan Do?

Switching from a petrol or diesel engine car to an electric vehicle can be smooth for some and a bit challenging for others. We’ve been driving combustion-engine cars for so long that driving an EV feels different and unfamiliar. For sure, many drivers who are considering switching to an all-electric car have a lot of questions, especially with the range capability of EVs .And you might be wondering what electric car has the longest range in the UK.

With a petrol car, for example, we have a general idea of how far a full tank can take us. But with electric cars, since they’re new to us, we’re not so sure if they’re reliable enough to take us to our road trip destination. So, let’s check the range Nissan electric cars have to offer so we can feel more confident driving EVs!  

Nissan Leaf: 168 to 239 Miles

The Nissan Leaf is a full-electric family hatch that is not only efficient but also a practical vehicle. It’s hard not to be impressed by what this EV offers. As what you’d expect from an all-electric car, it’s smooth, comfortable, and easy to drive, especially if you’re doing most of your driving in the city. But this doesn’t mean you can’t take the Leaf on long road trips across the UK. It has enough range that makes this EV appealing to a wide array of drivers. The tech features in the car are also superb, with an infotainment system that will make the ride more enjoyable for your family. 

Range, Battery, and Charging Time

If you’re wondering, “What’s the range of an electric car?” that’s a good question to ask before choosing an EV to buy. You’d want to have an idea of the electric car range per charge so you aren’t always worrying if the battery will go flat while you’re driving. The Nissan Leaf has a range of 168 miles on a single charge and a 148bhp. If you feel that’s not enough for your driving needs, there’s the Leaf e+ which has a larger battery and a range of 239 miles and 214bhp power. 

When it comes to charging this EV, you can do so using a 7kW home charger, but it’s going to take overnight charging or 7.5 hours. For the Leaf e+, since it has a bigger battery, expect the charging time to take 11 hours. But if you have access to a 50kW fast charger, then reaching 80% will only take about an hour. The best way to combat range anxiety would be to plug in your EV whenever you’re done driving for the day so it will be ready for the next morning’s drive. 

Driving Experience, Performance, and Speed

Electric cars are so easy to drive, and this is true for the Nissan Leaf. Whenever you accelerate, you’ll notice that your EV can smoothly pick up the pace, plus there’s instant torque. Electric vehicles are known to be extremely responsive cars that can truly make driving so much more enjoyable, even when you’re stuck in heavy, slow-moving city traffic. 

The Nissan Leaf has an e-Pedal system that allows you to drive the car with just one pedal. The BMW i3 also has a similar system, but Nissan aims to impress because you can engage the brake whenever necessary. If you need to use the e-Pedal system, you have to turn it on manually because it’s not the car’s default setting. It’s best to spend some time learning how to use it so that you’ll have a smoother experience with it. 

Now, with the Leaf’s performance and speed, you can get from zero to 62mph in 7.9 seconds with the version with a 40kWh battery. The Leaf e+ can reach 62mph in 7.3 seconds. Overall, it’s a lot quicker than what most people imagine when they think of electric cars. The Nissan Leaf responds smoothly and quickly, so your driving experience is always a pleasant one. 

Nissan Ariya: 250 Miles

Nissan took its time developing the Ariya, and it was well worth it. Car buyers who are looking to have a more premium experience from Nissan will definitely get it with the Ariya. With great engineering and the latest technology applied to this EV, excellent performance is to be expected. This model also has a smaller battery but a better range. As for the looks, the Ariya has a stylish body and an appealing, well-engineered design. 

The Nissan Ariya is the manufacturer’s only second full-electric car to market in the UK and Europe. It’s clear that Nissan did not rush to make this EV just to flood the electric car market with a subpar vehicle. This was a mistake other electric car manufacturers made in an attempt to be the “first” this or that in the EV industry. With the Ariya in its well-developed state upon entering the market, we can say that it’s the proverbial tortoise that won the race. But don’t let that analogy fool you into thinking that the Ariya is a slow car!

Range, Charging, and Speed

This model has a 63kWh battery with a 215bhp electric motor that drives the front wheels. It can get to 250 miles on a single charge. When the car is plugged in at 20%, it can reach 80% in just 28 minutes if you’re using a 130kW rapid charger. Home charging is typically 10 hours, or you can leave it plugged in overnight, and it will be ready for the next day’s drive. 

An impressive 300Nm of torque from the Ariya’s motor means you’ll get it instantly. Acceleration is smooth, so your driving experience with this car will be a very relaxed one. Getting to 62mph from zero takes a mere 7.5 seconds, and that’s a lot faster compared to conventional vehicles similar to this model’s size. 


Nissan has two full-electric vehicles, the Leaf and the Ariya. The Leaf was first introduced to the market over a decade ago, while the Ariya is the second all-electric car from Nissan. Both models feature the e-Pedal system, which many drivers love because of how it makes city driving less stressful, especially in stop-start traffic conditions. Not yet sure which one to choose? Be sure to book a test drive, so you’ll have first-hand experience driving the Leaf and the Ariya!

If one of your worries is about range and asking yourself what electric cars have the longest range, check out our blogs on other manufacturers such as Toyota, Hyundai or even Tesla. Here at Carmoola we like to keep you informed to help you make the jump to a great EV! 🍃