50 Cent is in Da Luxury Car Club

50 Cent was either going to Get Rich or Die Tryin'. Fortunately, he got rich. The rapper, actor, director, Grammy, Emmy and WMA winner is now worth an estimated $40 million. Now, according to an interview with Stephen Colbert, he ‘just be finding things to do, to be honest with you’ - and one of those things appears to be collecting cars, matching his outfit to his rides, and having his Lamborghini stolen by Snoop Dogg. But did Snoop get the best of 50 Cent’s car collection? Join us for a peek into the garage to see his best pieces in there, Before they Self Destruct. 


Sometimes, a soft top just isn’t enough, and you’ve got to get on your bike. Of course, for Mr Cent, this isn’t your average push-bike, but instead a Yamaha YZF R1 with nearly 150 horsepower. As you’ll learn, 50 Cent likes to customise his rides and so this bike is painted a custom cobalt blue. 

For most people, the Yamaha would be a dream ride. But, being Fiddy, another bike is needed. At least, I think this is a bike. The EV996 50 Cent was apparently custom-made for the rapper, and has been described as a ‘visual masterpiece’. It’s certainly distinctive! It’s also fully electric, which is a great way to reduce its carbon footprint. Gotta appreciate how 50 is always doing the unexpected!

There’s at least one more bike in 50’s collection. Whilst filming Expendables 4, 50 Cent apparently fell in love with his on-screen motorbike and announced on Instagram that he’d decided to keep it as a souvenir. To be honest, if we could get away with this, it’s exactly the kind of thing we’d do.



Of course, occasionally four wheels are better than two. When Fifty is in the mood for a different drive, he’s got plenty of other cars to choose from…


The 2012 Bentley Mulsanne is already pretty decadent and luxurious, but don’t worry: Fiddy has taken things up a gear by having his ride literally wrapped in gold. Initially, the vehicle would cost more than $300,000, so heaven only knows what it’s worth now. 



Mr Cent has a Chevrolet Suburban with a bombproof undercarriage. As far as I can tell, that isn’t a euphemism: he really owns two cars that could survive an actual bomb blast. Whilst we’re all aware that not everything Fifty’s done has been 100% kosher, this seems pretty dramatic. 


A necessary addition to all expensive car collections, the Ferrari has long been associated with luxury and status. Therefore, it’s unsurprising to discover that Fifty has at least two of these beauties: a Ferrari Enzo with a top speed of 217mph and a Ferrari FF that can do 0-60mph in 3.5 seconds. 



Look, Fifty’s Maserati MC12 might not actually be ‘street legal’, but surely nobody would suggest that he shouldn’t use it. Based on a Ferrari design, this supercar is worth $800,000 and has 630 horsepower. It must be pretty tempting to take it for a spin, and we’re not sure we’d be able to resist. 

Pontiac G8

Whilst Snoop might happily drive off in 50 Cent’s Lamborghini, perhaps the Pontiac Bandit would leave this ride alone. Fiddy’s special edition custom Pontiac G8 has more than 500 horsepower, red leather seats and a customised audio system. Well, I suppose it makes sense when you’re a musician.



A popular car amongst the rich and famous is the Rolls-Royce Phantom. It’s easy to see why: with a turbocharged engine and more than 550 horsepower, this vehicle is both powerful and luxurious. In fact, it’s so nice, it might have inspired Fiddy to buy some more

Mr Cent also has a Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead worth approximately half a million USD. This particular one has a custom paint job that’s grey, iridescent and looks like it drove out of the classy part of the 1970s. Of course, two Rolls Royces wouldn’t be enough. 

I often struggle to buy birthday gifts, but luckily for Fiddy, he’s able to provide the perfect gifts for himself. For his 43rd birthday, Mr Cent bought himself a Rolls-Royce Phantom, complete with night vision and nearly 670 pound-feet of torque. It’s a lot of car, but I’m sure 50 Cent can handle it. 

Fifty might like his other Rolls-Royces, but apparently that’s nothing compared to the effect the Rolls-Royce Ghost has on the ladies. Fifty’s model is from 2011 and has a turbocharged V12 engine. It’s worth around $250,000 and is both fast and roomy on the inside - perfect for when you have company. 

Speed Racer

I honestly don’t know if this machine is a motorbike, car or tricycle. It’s got three wheels, anyway. The Speed Racer looks like it’s driven right out of a fantasy - or perhaps a particularly weird Scalextric set. The tyres are hubless, for some reason, and it’s a nice shade of blue, which helps to make this unusual vehicle stand out.  

05072021_50_10.jpg (1)

White Lightning

Some of us might know white lightning as a cheap and terrible cider, but Mr Cent has done his bit to reclaim the term. After buying a custom motorbike and the Speed Racer, Fifty decided to treat himself to a custom ‘jet’ car known as White Lightning. Complete with Asanti wheels and a, um, unique design, this car is bound to draw attention. 


Fifty Cent has earned quite a lot more than half a dollar during his incredible career. Apparently, to celebrate, he’s decided to treat himself to an extremely enviable car collection. We’ve included our favourites here, but you should know that Fiddy also has Lamborghinis, Range Rovers, a Chevy Impala and a Bugatti. So next time you’re in Da Club and see someone with a really sweet ride, just know it might be the owner of the Candy Shop inside.