7-Day European Road Trip Itinerary

If you’re itching to get away and hit the open road, why not take an unforgettable 7-day trip through Europe.🛣️

We’ve put together a fantastic weeklong road trip itinerary. This should give you an idea of where you can go, and what you can see along the way.😍

From the bustling streets of London to the picturesque city of Zurich - this 7-day road trip is sure to delight even the most seasoned travellers!

So, get behind the wheel and explore the heart of Europe with this fun, scenic road trip.😎

Days 1-2: London to Paris

Starting your European road trip in London, a city rich in history and culture, sets the tone for an exciting journey ahead.

As you venture out of the familiar streets of the city, your first destination is The City of Light – Paris.

The journey to Paris takes approximately six hours. Along the way you’ll see scenic towns, majestic castles, and varied picturesque landscapes.

The fastest route is to head south on the M20 that will take you through the Kent Downs to Folkestone.

Remember, once in continental Europe, you'll need to adapt to driving on the right side of the road.

What to Do in Paris?

When you arrive in Europe’s most romantic city, you won’t be stuck for things to do. Here’s just a handful of things you can experience while you’re here:

L’Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower: No visit to Paris is complete without seeing these iconic landmarks.

A 30-minute walk connects these two symbols of French history, offering a wonderful way to explore the city.

River Seine Tour: For a relaxing experience, take a River Seine tour, starting near the Eiffel Tower.

This boat ride offers a unique perspective of Paris. You’ll glide past stunning bridges and historical islands like Île Saint-Louis, and Île de la Cité, home to Notre Dame de Paris.

Visit the Louvre: Art enthusiasts can't miss the Louvre, the world's largest art museum.

With countless masterpieces, it's advisable to focus on your top three collections to make the most of your visit.

The sheer size of the museum means there’s always something new to see when you visit.

If you're new to Paris, it's worth noting that parking can be challenging, so researching parking options beforehand is a good idea.

Days 3-4: Paris to Brussels

The journey from Paris to Brussels covers around 193 miles (311 kilometres), taking around three hours in standard traffic.

This part of the drive is a great opportunity to enjoy your favourite music or podcasts.

This vibrant city welcomes British travellers for up to 90 days visa-free.

What to Do in Brussels?

Once you’re in Brussels, we recommend spending the night here, taking in all the city has to offer.

Here’s a few ideas of what you can do while you’re here:

Visit La Grand-Place: This central square, surrounded by magnificent 17th-century buildings, is a must-visit.

La Grand-Place, known for its breathtaking beauty, becomes even more enchanting during the Brussels Flower Carpet event.

This is held every two years in mid-August, where a stunning tapestry of colourful begonias adorns the square.

Go on a Chocolate-tasting Tour: Belgium’s reputation for exquisite chocolate is well-deserved, and a chocolate-tasting tour in Brussels is a delightful experience.

Wander through charming neighbourhoods, indulging in rich chocolates and truffles – a perfect way to immerse yourself in Belgian culture.

Walk around Mont des Arts: After satisfying your sweet tooth, explore Mont des Arts, a hub of art and history.

Visit landmarks like the National Archives of Belgium and the Royal Library. Or simply enjoy a leisurely walk in the picturesque gardens, soaking in the area's artistic atmosphere.

After a busy day of exploring, make sure you get a good night’s sleep as tomorrow you’re off to Paris!

Days 5-6: Paris to Zurich

As you reach the end of your European road trip, you’ll head to Zurich, Switzerland.

Referred to as Europe’s hippest city, Zurich boasts an attractive setting where the river meets the lake.

The drive from Brussels to Zurich covers approximately 392 miles (630 kilometres), a journey of six to seven hours.

Plan your stops wisely for meals, rest, and refuelling or charging, to ensure an enjoyable drive.

What to do in Zurich?

There’s so much to see and do in Zurich, and some of our top picks you won’t want to miss include:

Explore Kreis 5: This transformed industrial area, now known as Zurich West, offers a unique mix of modernity and tradition.

The Viadukt, with its range of shops, restaurants, and bars, is a great place to start.

Don't miss the seasonal attractions too, like Frau Gerolds Garten and the diverse culinary experiences in the area.

Discover Altstadt: Zurich's historic city centre, Altstadt, is steeped in culture and history.

Wander through its pedestrian-only streets, admiring churches like Gross Münster, and enjoy the vibrant nightlife in the Niederdorf district.

Bahnhofstrasse Window Shopping: For a luxury shopping experience, Bahnhofstrasse is unbeatable.

While it largely caters to the rich and famous, window shopping here is an experience. You’ll get a glimpse into the world of high-end fashion and luxury.

Day 7: Zurich to London

As your 7-day European road trip comes to an end, prepare for the return drive to London.

This final leg of the journey runs for around 612 miles (984 kilometres), taking approximately 9-10 hours.

It may be long, but the varied landscapes you’ll see along the way make it worth the drive.

Before setting off, plan your stops carefully, and make sure your car is in good condition.

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FAQs About European Road Trips:

How do I plan a driving holiday in Europe?

Planning a driving holiday in Europe involves researching your destinations and mapping out routes. You’ll also need to ensure you have necessary documents like a valid driving license and insurance.

Consider factors like local driving laws, tolls, and rest stops. Booking accommodation in advance and having a flexible itinerary can help ensure your journey runs smoothly.

Where is the easiest place to drive in Europe?

The easiest places to drive in Europe include countries with well-maintained roads and clear signage, like Germany, France, and the Netherlands. These countries also have extensive highway networks, making long-distance driving more straightforward.

Where can you drive from UK to Europe?

You can drive from the UK to Europe via the Eurotunnel, which connects Folkestone in the UK to Calais in France. From there, you can drive to various European destinations, including Belgium, the Netherlands, and further into Central and Southern Europe.