What is an Advanced Driving Course?

Do you want to improve your driving skills and feel more confident while you’re on the road? Taking an advanced driving course might be a good option for you.

Apart from getting better at driving, you can also enjoy reduced car insurance costs. If you’re interested in learning about the different advanced driving courses, we’ll discuss them in this article.

Let’s jump right in! 😀

What is an advanced driving course?

The purpose of an advanced driving course is for you to hone your driving skills and improve your awareness whilst on the road. In doing so, you become a better, safer, and more competent driver. 

If you ever get anxious while driving on motorways or you just want to be a better driver overall, taking an advanced driving course will benefit you in many ways.

An expert will be teaching you so that you can be more confident in your driving skills. Advanced driving courses are available for all drivers who have full driving licences.

If you’re a young driver or someone who just wants a refresher course, taking advanced driving courses will make you feel more confident behind the wheel.

UK Advanced Driving Courses

Improving your driving skills will benefit you, your passengers, your vehicle, and other road users because you’ll be a better and safer driver. Here are the ones available in the UK. 

IAM RoadSmart

IAM RoadSmart helps drivers and motorbike riders improve their skills. They offer a variety of Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) Quality Assured advanced driving courses. 

Advanced Driver Course

With this comprehensive driving course, you can be taught by experts in the next three to six months. The sessions are split into two-hour blocks.

You will have the chance to learn more about specific skills such as timing, observation, control, and how to deal with unpredictable road scenarios.

Once you have successfully completed the course, you will be given an IAM membership. A benefit of being a member is you can get reduced car insurance premiums.

Younger Driver Assessment

If you are a driver aged 26 or below, you can take this course so you can become more confident about your newly acquired driving skills.

With this course, you will get an on-road assessment as you’re driving your own car. You will also be given one-to-one advice that is specific to your situation.

This is a great opportunity for young drivers who feel they don’t have enough experience on the road. 

Mature Driver Review

For older drivers who haven’t been behind the wheel for some time, this course is a good way to regain that lost confidence in driving.

The Mature Driver Review is also fit for drivers who just want to improve their overall driving skills. An expert will be conducting the informal review as you’re driving your own car. 

Pass Plus

Pass Plus is for brand-new drivers who have just acquired their driving licences. It is a short course that is recognised by the DVSA. You only need to set aside six hours for this course, but it will be packed with useful information.

You can learn about different driving conditions, urban and rural driving, and also night driving. Drivers can take this course in their local areas with an approved driving expert. 

If you’re anxious about tests, don’t be, because you won’t have to take one for this course. However, the driving instructor will make an assessment of your performance while you’re driving.

You will also need to reach the standard requirement in all the modules so you can complete this short course. Once you’ve completed it, you may then apply for a certificate from the DVSA. 

RoSPA Advanced Driving Course

For this advanced driving course, you will spend four days learning a great deal about driving. The course is based on the Police Driver Handbook. Expect the sessions to be conducted by retired or serving police officers. 

If you’re a company car driver, commercial van driver, or even an immediate response driver, this is a great driving course for you.

You can enhance your handling skills and become more observant of your environment as you’re driving. You would need to take the test every three years so that your driving skills will be up to date. 

Benefits of Taking an Advanced Driving Course

A major benefit of taking an advanced driving course is that you will get the chance to enhance your skills as a driver.

In doing so, you will be much safer on the road and reduce your risk of getting involved in a road accident. 

If you find it difficult to drive during bad weather or you feel anxious while you're driving on motorways, then an advanced driving course will help build your confidence as a driver.

The more confident you are, the more fun you’ll have on the road. You won’t have to worry all the time. The course will also help you cope better whenever challenges arise while you’re driving. 


An advanced driving course makes you a better driver. It may also help reduce your car insurance costs. Insurers will see you as someone who is a competent driver who is less likely to be involved in an accident.

There is definitely no downside to taking an advanced driving course. So, stop being a worried driver, and sign up for a short course in your area to build up your confidence. 😃