Five New Changes to UK Driving Laws in 2023

Driving just got a lot more complicated in recent months, with the additional burden of record fuel prices hitting many drivers hard. Fortunately there's some good news on that front as recent reductions have brought welcome relief to drivers' wallets. The authorities haven't been kind either:  upcoming changes for 2023 will continue to keep motorists busy trying to stay up-to-date with their responsibilities. We've already seen stricter mobile phone rules and  skyrocketing fuel duty payments in 2022, and recent industry shake-ups such as speed limiters being installed in all new cars.

To keep you guys in the loop, we have put together a list of five new changes to UK driving laws in 2023 in this blog post, so you can simply add this to your bookmarked pages for later! Enjoy today's blog post...

Pavement Parking Ban

In 2023, driver access to pavements and dropped kerbs in parts of England will become a thing of the past. What was agreed back in 2019 is finally coming into force – with COVID-19 pushing things off track for some time until now. While London has had this ban since long before, speculation suggests England's other roads could follow suit soon enough! Make sure you're not caught out when the changes come - it might be best to get familiarised sooner rather than later. 

New Number Plates

This is a personal favourite of ours. We always love seeing the new number plates each year, and this year will not be any different. Look out for the new '23' number plates coming into effect at the start of the year, and then past September, the '73' number plates will start to be seen on vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Something you car buyers should know: It’s not the ’73 plates themselves that impact car value so much as the fact that they represent the newest cars on the market. With that in mind, if you’re looking to sell your car then getting in before September is usually a good idea. Your car may be worth more now than it will after the new plates simply because it will have newer models to compete against. There is a little industry secret that they don't tell you about :)

Fuel Duty Rate 

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt left the motoring industry in limbo after failing to address fuel duty rates for 2023 during his Autumn Statement. The temporary rate cut of 5p per litre, due to end next spring on March 23rd, has caused much controversy as some petrol stations were accused of not passing on savings amid a growing cost-of-living crisis. And supermarkets have been very slow to make their prices competitive. But what lies ahead? Could there be an increase by 12p according to Office for Budget Responsibility forecasts or will the Treasury surprise us with another decision entirely? This is certainly one issue we'll have our eyes peeled and ears open! If you are looking for more information on fuel prices, simply click the link here. 

Ultra Low Emissions Scheme 

Planning a jaunt to London? Make sure your car meets low emission standards before you go - an expanded "ULEZ" zone will soon cover all 33 boroughs of the capital, with hefty fines (£12.50) for vehicles that don't meet the criteria! Other cities are following suit too; Brighton and Birmingham have similar schemes in place while Dundee, Aberdeen and Edinburgh aren't far behind.

Heavy Goods Vehicles Levy Payment

Starting in August 2023, large HGVs weighing more than 12 tonnes will be subject to the HGV Levy. This tax had been temporarily paused during Covid after hauliers were hit with driver shortages and associated economic hurdles -- but it's now back on track! All lorries must comply or face facing hefty fines – so get ready for some responsible road usage.


Sometimes it's tricky keeping up to date with all the never-ending changes to motoring laws, but we hope to keep you covered with some interesting facts, here on the Carmoola Blog

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