How to Choose the Right Colour Car

When buying a car, most people check the engine size, mileage, fuel efficiency and the technology bundled with the vehicle. Yet, the colour of the car is just as important, especially when it comes to resale value. To help you find the right colour car, we’ve put this guide together, looking at the options available and which ones are best for finding a stylish-looking set of wheels. 

Think about the price

If you’re buying a car brand new, the colour choice could impact the price by thousands of pounds. Most car manufacturers give you standard black and white options for free, but if you want to be more experimental, you’ll need to pay up. 

Personal preference

Your personal choice is one of the driving factors behind choosing a car colour. If you happen to be a lime green kind of person, then you’ll probably find yourself browsing sites like AutoTrader looking for the greenest of car options. We're not judging.  

Picking a colour you like will enhance your enjoyment of the vehicle, whether it’s new or pre-owned. Cars don’t come cheap, and there’s nothing worse than buying a vehicle only to decide you don’t like the colour after a few weeks. 

Sticking with the tried and tested

It’s hard to go wrong if you pick colours like black, white and silver. They are generally accepted by all car buyers, and you won’t bring extra attention to your set of wheels while it’s on the road. Other options like blue and grey are also car colours accepted by everyone.

When it comes to the finish, metallic is a popular choice – though it can be an expensive add-on. Brighter cars, such as orange, yellow and green, have their appeal but are seen as more of a liability when it comes to resale value. 

Car colour resale value

Buying your car is an exciting time, and the last thing you’re thinking about is selling the vehicle. But when the time comes to buy a new motor and sell your current one, the colour of the car will play a role in how much you can get for it. 

Unsurprisingly, sticking to those tried and tested colours  is your best bet for resale value. Black and white cars are particularly sought after, and you won’t get anyone trying to bring the price down because your vehicle comes in one of these colours. 

Think about the make and style of the car

Some colours suit certain cars more than others. Again, while this might come down to personal preference, there’s definitely something about a white Range Rover that appeals more than other colours. 

In fact, large saloon cars tend to look better in traditional colours like white and black, while smaller, sporty cars can often get away with brighter colours. A BMW M4 in orange is much more acceptable than a BMW X3 in the same colour. 

What does a car colour say about you? 

Some people believe that car colours say a lot about the personality of a driver. And while we think it's subjective – the same way car brands and models are subjective regarding personality – let’s look at the general consciousness around what car colours may say about you.

A black car is said to represent elegance and sophistication, where green cars are supposed to convey someone who is traditional in their values. A driver of a blue car is confident and calm, while white represents a modern and fresh personality. Take them with a pinch of salt, but if you’re a believer in car colours accurately representing personality, then you’ll want to consider what a car’s colour says about you before your next purchase. 

Choosing the right car colour

At the end of the day, the best colour car is the one you like the most. However, it’s good to have some handy details about which colours are most successful for resale value and which ones suit different models. So the next time you’re buying a car, think about more than just looks when it comes to choosing the right car colour for you.