Tips for Helping Disabled Drivers to Learn to Drive

Learning to drive for a disabled driver can be challenging, so in today's blog post, we will give you a few tips for helping disabled drivers learn to drive. Having a disability in many cases needn't stop you from learning to drive. You may need adaptions to a vehicle to begin the process and you will need a good instructor who can give you the appropriate help you need. 

The 5 Step Road Map

1. First you will need to apply for a provisional licence. You will need to give the DVLA details of your disability and they may need to contact your doctor or ask you for additional information.

2. Start with the basics - make sure that you can find a car that can be suitably adapted for your individual needs. There are tax incentives to help - for example you may get free road tax and won't be charged VAT on your new car purchase if it needs to be specially adapted for you. But when you're learning you may be able to find a school with a suitably adapted car for you to get you started. The Motability website can help with this.

2. Find a good specialist instructor or school of motoring. Instructors should be patient and encouraging and be able to explain everything such that you can understand it, it would be great if you know they have experience of teaching people with disabilities before. The Motability website can help with this.

3.Take the Theory Test - if you need help with this there are tool available to help you - for example you could get a DVD with sign language if you suffer with deafness. 

3. Recognise that you might need to take more time to get an appropriately adapted vehicle and to find the right instructor and also you need to allow for about 40 hours of instruction before you are ready to take your test. However there can sometimes be financial help available towards the cost of your lessons by way of a grant from the charity Motablility.

4. When you get to your first lesson, take things slowly -  get used to the feel of being behind the wheel before you start, everyone takes a while to get used to the controls and be able to coordinate! Get in as much extra practice as you can.

5. Take your test! 

Let's explore a bit further... 🔎

Help for disabled people with theory test

Let's go right to the beginning. Theory tests can be a difficult challenge to navigate for everyone, including disabled people. Fortunately, there is a multitude of helpful options which can make the experience more manageable. From virtual test centres that offer assistance for those with physical impairments, to staff on hand to assist with sensory, mental health and learning difficulties; often all it takes is one small adjustment to ensure that everyone has an equal chance at getting their licence. Let’s break down these barriers together and make sure no one misses out on this important milestone!

Are there specialist driving instructors for disabled drivers?

Okay, you have passed your theory. Well done! It's no secret that driving can be a complex and challenging task. However, for disabled drivers, these difficulties can often present even bigger obstacles - which is why it's wonderful to know there are specialist driving instructors available specifically for those with disabilities. Such specialised instructors are highly skilled at offering tailored tuition to meet the unique requirements of every individual and can provide essential support and advice on adapted controls, which makes gaining their driver's licence much more achievable. All in all, it’s great to know that disabled drivers don’t need to tackle this task alone; instead, they have access to the expert assistance they need so they too can hit the open road!

Help for disabled people with practical test

Theory, done. Hours with the instructor, done. Now it's time for your practical test. Fortunately, there are now helpful programs which aim to make driving tests more and more accessible for disabled people. These services generally offer accommodations such as providing extended testing time or enabling a test to be taken using unconventional input devices. Taking advantage of such support is invaluable in helping those with disabilities achieve their goals and lead fuller lives. With the right help and assistance, those who face physical limitations should always feel encouraged and supported throughout their practical test journey.

Help to modify a vehicle for a disability

You now have your beautiful purple licence. How good does that look? Working with clients to modify their vehicles for disabilities is a job that requires compassion and attention to detail. It is amazing to witness the transformation of an automobile into something that empowers its occupants through its new capabilities. From modified wheelchairs and lifts, to easier access doors, there are now solutions that provide people with abilities they may not have had before. We take great pleasure in documenting a process that enables freedom and independence by making it possible for people with disabilities to travel safely and reliably. And we love to be able to show you guys that it is possible!

What if I find out that I cannot drive?

For some people, sadly they find they won't be able to either be granted a licence or are unable to pass their test. But if you have a family member who can drive for you, they may be able to access support in terms of some of the financial benefits which disabled people can get. For example you could get a car via the Motability Scheme and have up to three designated drivers from you family or support network. 

Can disabled people get car finance?

Financing a car can be tricky, even more so for people with disabilities who may need special modifications to their vehicle. Fortunately, many lenders are familiar with the calls for more accessible car finance and are prepared to help those with disabilities. Here at Carmoola, you can check out our How it Works page for the flexible car financing methods we offer. Cars that come pre-equipped with wheelchair accessibility or other modifications can be more expensive than "standard" cars, but getting the right car loan can assist disabled drivers in having access to automobiles without excessive financial burden. The opportunities created by car loans tailored to people living with disabilities help contribute to greater disability rights in the world of transportation.


And that is it for today's blog post. If you are disabled or have a disabled friend or family member who wants to learn to drive, you may be wondering where to start. Here is a round-up of what we spoke about. First, make sure you/they have a valid provisional license as well as insurance. Next, find a great instructor with a car suitably adapted or go ahead and look for a suitable car of your own.  And everyone is eager to pass their test quickly so maybe check out our handy hints bog on this subject. You might even want to consider an intensive driving course too. Good luck!

Carmoola is an online car financing provider, and we are passionate about getting everyone driving and being independent!  With our flexible car financing methods. Carmoola makes it easy for everyone to access the car they need at an affordable price, allowing them to fulfil their dreams of learning how to drive and getting out on the roads

If you're a new driver and need more help with any questions car, driving or car finance related, do check out our other blogs. We'll keep you up to date! 😀🚘