How to Make Sure Your Car is Date-Ready

So you both swiped right, or maybe you did it the old fashioned way and approached someone in real life. Whatever your method, you've only gone and got yourself a date. And even better, you said you'll pick them in your brand new whip... The excitement meter is at 11. 

Check out Kathryn's top tips for getting your car ready for a date, and who knows, it might be the start of something special... 👇


But there's a problem. Even though the car is new, you've spent the last three weeks driving it everywhere, and it has accumulated its fair share of stuff from all those snacks and whatnot. So now you've got to get it date-ready in time for the big day. 

What do you do? Fortunately, there's no need to panic because we've put this handy guide together detailing everything you need to know to make sure your car is date-ready, from cleaning to how you should drive on the day. So read on and make sure that your car is looking prim and proper and ready to impress your date. 

Get yourself down to the car wash

You don't want to pull up outside your date's house (or wherever you're meeting them) in a dusty-looking car that hasn't been washed for a week or so. You only get one chance to make a first impression, and a spic and span car is a necessity to get things off on the right foot. It's wax on, wax off time. 

Fresh as roses

It's best to avoid eating smelly food in your car on the run-up to the date. But a nifty air freshener will also help the car smell nice and fresh, so your date doesn't have to take in all the odours when they first get in the passenger's' seat. 

Get rid of all your rubbish

Considering you've taken your wheels to the car wash and put a nice-smelling air freshener in there, why not clear out all of the rubbish too? Cars seem to be a magnet for crap, whether it's empty food wrappers, broken Bic pens or 2-pence pieces. If you don't need it, you can be sure it's somewhere in your car. Do a big sweep before the date and make sure they don't find that ice lolly stick down the side of the seat. 

It's not Fast & Furious 

We all feel the need for speed at times, but doing it during your first date is not when you should embrace your inner F1 driver. It's not a good look, especially if your date is holding on for dear life and has a look of fear in their eyes. Being a reckless driver is a terrible look no matter the occasion, and it's a surefire way to make sure your first date is the last one. 

Map out your route

Sat navs are great, and if you don't know the directions, you should use one – even on your first date. But what's even more handy is mapping out where you need to go ahead of time by being well prepared. That way you won't be taking wrong turns and getting lost while making nervous jokes about how you took the scenic route

Have a full tank

If there's one thing that's worse than getting lost, it's running out of fuel. Instead of a slap-up meal at a fancy bar and grill, you're sitting there next to the RAC driver, mingling with them after your date's called an Uber to take them home. Not a good look at all. 

A night to remember… or one to forget?

By making sure your car is date ready, you're already well on your way to securing the second date. Just play it cool, be conversational and make sure you pick them up in a clean motor. Because if the car looks good, it could be love at first sight.