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Spring Is Almost Here: Tips to Get Your Car Ready for the New Season

Now that winter is almost over and spring is just around the corner, it’s time to get your car ready for the new season! Driving during wintertime means your car had to deal with road treatments, ice, salt, and snow. These could easily damage your tyres, undercarriage, bodywork and windscreen wipers. We’ve gathered some of the top tips here to help you prep your car for your spring road trips and the heat of summertime!

Remove Residue from the Undercarriage

When driving during winter, your car can be subjected to a lot of snow, dirt, salt, sand and other road treatments so it doesn’t skid on the road. That’s good because you and other road users are kept safe. 

However, if you don’t clean your car after the season, then those are going to damage your vehicle. Such things can cause corrosion, leading to rust, and if you don’t do anything about it, then it can permanently damage your car. 

Regularly take your vehicle to a good car wash. Don’t mind paying extra to have the specialists perform a thorough power wash of the undercarriage. This will help you avoid paying for expensive fixes in the long run. 

But if you want to do it yourself and you have a sturdy car jack or ramps, then clean the undercarriage as thoroughly as you can. Just be sure to remember not to use any soap or other chemicals. The point is just to remove residue on the underside of your car. 

Clean the Bottom of the Doors

It’s also important to clean the bottom of the car doors because salt and grime could remain there and cause corrosion. When cleaning the inside of the vehicle, remove the floor mats and then wash them outside so you can remove the dirt, sand, and salt. 

The upholstery also needs some good vacuuming. Don’t forget to spray protectant on your dashboard and other exposed leather and vinyl. For your door and window seals and trunk seals, spray them with silicone spray to keep them tight and also to repel dirt. Any excess should be wiped off. 

Inspect the Windscreen Wipers

Check your wipers if they’re still in good condition. You’ve used them throughout the winter season so you’d want to make sure that they can still clear your windscreen properly. As you know, wiper blades can only last for six months to a year at most so they might need to be replaced already. Also, check the wiper fluid pump as well as the reservoir so you can refill them if necessary. 

Replace Your Winter Tyres

Since it’s almost spring, it’s time to get your summer tyres and replace the ones you’ve been using for winter driving. In case you use year-round tyres, it’s best to take a trip to your local garage to have your tyres rotated. 

Tyre pressures are important in keeping you safe while on the road and also keeps your car fuel-efficient. With the changes in temperature, the tyre pressure may also change so see to it that you get them checked before you go for long drives. Driving warms up the tyres so this might give you an inaccurate reading. 

Follow the manufacturer’s recommendation for the right tyre pressure. Underinflated tyres will be worn out easily and reduce your car’s performance. Overinflated ones will wear out unevenly, which means you’d have to replace tyres sooner and ruin your budget for this unexpected expense. 

Clean the Battery and Air Filter

Check your battery and the contacts. If you see any white corrosive build-up, be sure to clean it off. You can simply use a toothbrush and water and baking soda solution to remove it. You can also go to your local garage so they can inspect your battery. 

It’s also a good idea to get your air filter changed. Typically, change your filter every 30,000 miles but depending on where you live and if it’s dusty, then you might have to change it sooner. A clean air filter can prevent your engine from excessive wear and tear. 

Engine Oil Change and Other Fluids

Since it’s going to be a bit warmer, you may want to change your engine oil to one with heavier viscosity. This will help in improving your car’s performance. And since you’re car’s getting an oil change, don’t forget to get a filter change as well. 

Along with the engine oil, the steering, brake, and coolant fluids should also be inspected. It might also be time to have the radiator flushed so include that in your checklist when going to a garage. A thorough inspection of your car will keep you safe and worry-free during your springtime driving. 


Once you’re done with all these steps, you’re ready for your spring and summer road trips! By cleaning your car and removing the residues of winter driving, you can help prolong its life. You’ll also save money by avoiding costly major repairs in the future. 

A good, thorough cleaning can go a long way so don’t mind paying a bit more, especially when getting the undercarriage cleaned. A clean car will not only look good but is also safer and more fun to drive! 😀

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