Top 5 Best Small Cars and Hatchbacks

Small hatchback cars are a big hit with UK drivers. However, with so many different models available, finding the right one can be tricky.🤔

If you’re struggling to find the best small hatchback, Carmoola has you covered.

Whether you're looking for an affordable car or something a little more extravagant - read on to discover our picks for the top 5 best small hatchback cars you can buy right now.😍

Volkswagen up!

The Volkswagen up! offers a choice of engines to suit any lifestyle.

The standard 1.0-litre 64bhp model provides an economical solution, while those looking to do their bit for the environment can opt for its all-electric sibling.

With a mature interior design and refined driving experience, it’s no wonder this super cute small city car is one of the most popular hatchback cars around.

One of the Carmoola team has an up! and absolutely loves it.

Volkswagen up!

Hyundai i10

Hyundai has taken the i10 city car to a whole new level. It features state-of-the-art technology, plenty of room for five passengers, and various fun extras that everyone can enjoy.

We drove it earlier this year and were immediately impressed by its vast suite of features (especially those found in mid-range SE Connect and Premium models).

With the Hyundai i10, you get more than just a roomy ride - this car was designed to provide an enjoyable driving experience.

Quick steering and agile cornering will make you feel confident on those winding roads.

Another benefit is its class-leading boot space, which is just 40 litres less than the legendary Ford Fiesta – talk about pairing practicality with fun!

Hyundai i10

Fiat 500

The Fiat 500 is not just a car; it's an iconic symbol of style and fun in the city! With its distinctive looks and upscale vibe, it promises a ride that’s anything but ordinary.

We were so impressed by this petite Italian marvel that it earned a well-deserved spot on our best small cars list earlier this year.

Since then, it has only gotten better, with significant enhancements breathing new life into the classic model.

Now, with more electric vehicle (EV) options and the introduction of a hybrid model, it's keeping up with the times and catering to a broader audience.

Whether you're zipping through city streets or going on a weekend getaway, the Fiat 500 ensures your journey is packed with excitement and panache.

Planning on financing this popular model? Get your budget now to see how much it will set you back.

Fiat 500

Kia Stinger

Number four on our list, the Kia Stinger, isn't just a car – it's a statement. It boldly challenges the likes of luxury giants BMW and Mercedes-Benz, showing that premium quality can be accessible and affordable.

The Stinger shines with its high-end materials, responsive handling, and perfect blend of style and function.

It is packed with the latest technology and safety features, ensuring that drivers and passengers alike can enjoy the journey with peace of mind.

It’s this attention to detail and dedication to quality that has earned the Kia Stinger its spot on our list.

So, if you’re in the market for a car that combines luxury, performance, and affordability, the Kia Stinger is a contender that’s hard to overlook.

Kia Stinger

Renault Clio

A popular choice for drivers looking to finance a new car, the fifth-generation Renault Clio outshines many of its competitors.

With five powertrain options available, the Clio presents a spectrum of options. From the innovative E-Tech Hybrid to the robust TCe petrol engine boasting 129bhp, there’s a model to suit everyone.

We were particularly impressed by its agile handling, attributed to the 100bhp turbocharged 1.0 four-cylinder unit.

There is also ample scope for those looking to boost performance even further. Venture inside, and the Clio welcomes you with a lavish interior, even at the entry-level ‘Iconic’ trim.

Standard features include cruise control, lane keep assist, and traffic sign recognition.

Renault Clio Hybrid


While there are plenty of small hatchbacks to choose from, the five featured above are our personal favourites.

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FAQs About the Best Small Hatchback Cars:

What is the Best Small Car at the Moment?

There is no single best small car you can purchase. Several small hatchback models are currently gaining attention. These include the Renault Clio, Toyota Yaris, and the Hyundai i10.

Which small cars are reliable?

Some of the most reliable small cars this year have been the BMW i3, Honda Jazz, Citroen C3, and the Dacia Duster.

What is the Safest Small Car on the Road Today?

Safety is paramount, and while several small cars boast excellent safety ratings, it's always a good idea to check the latest crash test results and safety features.

This will help you determine the safest option for your needs.