5 Signs it Might Be Time for an Upgraded Driving Experience

Nothing quite compares to the thrill of driving your own car, especially when it’s your first one. And for those looking to get a new set of wheels, they get to relive this kind of excitement. Are you wondering if it’s time to upgrade your driving experience? Here are five signs that will tell you to start shopping for your next car. 

Your Car has Frequent Breakdowns

You have a car so that you can conveniently go from one place to another. If you find that you end up arriving late at work or at appointments because of frequent breakdowns, then that’s a clear sign you need a new ride.

Maybe your car only needs some repairs but how much will it cost you? If the repair expenses are too high, you might want to consider using that as a deposit for a new car instead. 

Your vehicle should be able to get you to where you want to go and you shouldn’t always have to worry whether you’ll experience another car breakdown and you won’t get to your destination on time. 

Your Car is Old Already

Unless you have a classic car that might increase in value over time, the age of your car is a factor to consider when you’re thinking about getting a new set of wheels. Old cars are not all bad, especially when they’re well-maintained. However, old vehicles usually mean more expensive running and maintenance costs. 

You might also have to pay higher insurance premiums and taxes, depending on the exhaust emissions of your car. With all these expenses, isn’t it worth getting a new car instead? Newer vehicles have advanced safety features and infotainment systems that older cars don’t have. Also, a new car would allow you to have a better and safer driving experience.

Your Vehicle Represents Bad Memories

Our cars are very dear to us. We’ve spent so much time in it with other people and whilst there were great memories like those from road trips and other fun times, our cars could also represent some bad memories we’d rather forget. 

Many people who’ve broken up with their partners choose to get new cars to mark a new chapter in their lives. When you’re used to having someone in the passenger’s seat, it’s hard to drive around by yourself. Instead of being reminded of the past all the time, you can make some changes like buying a new car. 

With this new vehicle, you can build new memories again. You won’t have to be reminded of the things that happened or the relationships you’ve lost. It’s time to venture out again, even if it means going on road trips on your own. Who knows, you just might have your best trip yet. 

You Spend a Lot on Fuel

Fuel is among the major expenses of owning a car. Newer models today are more fuel-efficient so you won’t have to spend as much money. Also, if you choose to buy a hybrid or full-electric car, you can minimise that expense as well. 

With a hybrid car, you can use two power sources either independently or simultaneously. When driving in the city, you can drive your hybrid using electricity alone. For longer distances, you can use the combustion engine and electric motor alternately. 

If you choose to go for a full-electric car, then you won’t have to spend money on fuel anymore. Charging your EV batteries is much cheaper compared to diesel or petrol so you’ll definitely feel the difference in your expenses for the car. 

You Deserve a Better Car

Sometimes, we’re so hard on ourselves that we don’t get to enjoy the nicer things in life. Maybe you ask yourself “do I deserve a new car?” If your finances are doing well, your job or business is great, and you don’t have any big financial responsibilities or commitments, then it’s an easy decision to make. 

Buying a car does require careful planning and a lot of thought. But if you don’t feel that you deserve a better car, then you won’t get to enjoy a new set of wheels even if you have it already. Desiring the nicer things in life is healthy. It pushes us to experience life more and just enjoy what it has to offer. 


Can you relate to these five signs? If you do, then go ahead and start shopping for a new car. Learn about the things you like and don’t like in a vehicle so that it will be easier for you to make a shortlist of the models you want. Once you selected your top three, schedule a test drive! This is when you’ll know if the car is perfect for you. 

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