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Thomas is a car enthusiast and has been writing for five years. Thomas’ love for writing, especially for writing about car makes and models stemmed from his passion for reading Top Gear magazines as a child.

Thomas Walker

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Have You Seen Jerry Seinfeld's Car Collection?

Have You Seen Jerry Seinfeld's Car Collection?

Jerry Seinfeld is well-known for his successful comedy career, but did you know that he's also an avid car collector? In fact, his car collection is...

Aston Villa Football Players and Their Cars

In recent years, Aston Villa have climbed up the ranks of the English football league and have returned to their former glory. 🏆 The guys from the...

What Cars are the Dragons from Dragon's Den Driving?

First off - huge Dragon's Den fans here! This is a blog post we have been looking forward to. We do a lot of blog posts on celebrities, athletes, but...

Arsenal F.C Football Players and Their Cars

Arsenal F.C Football Players and Their Cars

In recent years, the Arsenal football team has continued to evolve and improve with the introduction of youth. The Gunners have developed a great...

Tyson Fury's Luxury Car Collection

Tyson Fury's Luxury Car Collection

When it comes to car collections, few can rival that of heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury. 🛎️ The self-proclaimed "Gypsy King" has an...

Take a look into David Beckham's Garage

Take a look into David Beckham's Garage

Global superstar David Beckham first made a name for himself with his ability on the football pitch. It turned him into arguably the most famous...

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Luther Will Be Back Soon, but What Does Idris Elba Drive?

Idris Elba is an instantly recognisable face from his iconic roles in big-screen projects like Prometheus and Avengers Infinity War, plus the...

Happy Valley Is Back But What Do the Stars Drive Off Set?

Do you enjoy watching Happy Valley as much as we do? Then, you're in for a treat! Let's take a peek at our favourite cast members and the cars they...

Five New Changes to UK Driving Laws in 2023

Driving just got a lot more complicated in recent months, with the additional burden of record fuel prices hitting many drivers hard. Fortunately...

Top 5 Best Small Cars for Motorway Driving

Small cars are great for city driving, but various compact car models are also reliable when it comes to motorway driving.

Smaller cars are easier to...

Top 5 Best Small SUV Cars

Small SUVs are the current top pick among car buyers today, offering practicality and style akin to larger off-roaders with the added benefit of an...

Top 5 Best Small Cars for New Drivers

It's an exciting journey starting from learner driver to experienced motorist, and there's nothing more exhilarating than finally having your own car...

Top 10 Best Small Luxury Cars

Small city cars may not look as powerful as those big SUVs, but don't be deceived. They come with plenty of features that will undoubtedly surprise...

Top 5 Best Small Cars and Hatchbacks

Small hatchback cars are a big hit with UK drivers. However, with so many different models available, finding the right one can be tricky.🤔

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