Best Resources to Follow About Electric Cars

Electric cars continue to grow in popularity and offering drivers a more eco-friendly way to get about. UK sales have increased for electric vehicles by more than 186% over the last couple of years, and there are some great options on the market from heavyweights like Tesla. If you're keen to keep up to date on all things electric, you'll need to know where to go to get the latest news. That's what we're here to help with in this guide to the best resources to follow about electric cars. 


Use Zap-Map to locate the nearest EV charging points across the UK and Ireland, so you never need to worry about finding some juice for your car. But there's more, with Zap-Map offering advice, help and tools for electric car owners and anyone interested in buying one. 

Green Car Guide

The largest green car news site (and we don't mean the colour), GreenCarGuide has everything you need to know about electric cars. There's the latest in green car quality, as well as information about helping you save money on rising fuel prices and CO2 taxation. Reading GreenCarGuide gives you the best-in-class on emissions, fuel economy and efficiency. 

Autovolt Magazine

Autovolt Magazine is the place to go if you're in agreement that the world of vehicles is changing. Every major carmaker is creating electric and hybrid options, and Autovolt Magazine is on the pulse with news about the electric car industry and what the future holds. 


Follow E-Zoomed for a comprehensive guide on all things electric cars. You can read reviews of the latest models, including guides to each carmaker's electric and hybrid options. There's also a charging section bringing you the latest information on car chargers, from how to use them to the best ones on the market.


For hot takes on the latest electric vehicles and hybrid cars, head over to DiscoverEV. You'll find reviews, features, news and much more, with DiscoverEV aiming to provide readers with an encyclopedia on all things electric cars. 

Charged EVs

Based in Florida, Charged EVs is a blog site written by electric vehicle enthusiasts and includes insights from industry professionals and EV-related stories from around the world. It launched back in 2011, so it knows a thing or two about the electric car market. Read about electric cars, trucks, trikes and bikes over at Charged EVs.

There's no doubt that Elon Musk and Tesla have become the face of electric cars, and pays homage to the innovative carmaker. If you're looking for everything to do with Tesla, from news to reviews and even rumours, you'll find it at With 156k followers on Twitter, the site has built up quite the fanbase of Tesla enthusiasts looking for the latest news on their favourite car brand. 

Electric Vehicles and the Truth About Cars

The Truth About Cars gives you candid and unbiased carmaker reviews. The site is based in the US, but the car reviews are helpful no matter where you're based. There's also tons of info about EVs with the aim of giving you the latest insights. 


Based in Canada, FleetCarma has plenty of info for EV owners. There's news on electric utilities, sustainability, and helpful information about finding the right electric car for you. Again, you can be based anywhere in the world and still take advantage of FleetCarma's tips, which includes guides on how to charge your car and how to save money when buying electric. 


We've got a few handy tips, tricks and guides on electric cars in our blog section. From what to consider when you buy an electric car to whether or not you need to pay tax when you buy electric, get the lowdown on the electric and hybrid car market in the UK on the Carmoola blog

Electric resources

You can become an electric car guru and get all the information you need before buying an electric vehicle with our chosen resources. So read up about EVs and find out more about a new breed of car changing the automobile landscape.