The Best Iconic Road Trips in the USA

One of the best road trips to take is a USA road trip because you can go to almost every state just by car. Do you want to see the wondrous deserts of the Wild West or the magnificence of the Appalachian Mountains? There’s a route to take you across all the best places in America! All you have to do is to decide which one to take first. To help you plan your journey, here are our top picks of the best road trips USA.

Musical Journey: Chicago to New Orleans

Do you love music like jazz and rock ‘n ‘roll? Then you’ll love this route from Chicago to New Orleans! Starting from Chicago on the north, you’ll head down south to New Orleans, and along the way, you’ll pass through six states. One of your first stops is St. Louis, the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln. From there, the next destination will be Memphis, so if you’re a fan of music, you’ll know this place is important. You’d surely want to visit the Graceland mansion of Elvis. 

When it comes to food, then there’s something distinctly special that this road trip offers. Have a meal in one of the restaurants along the Mississippi River and get a taste of creole flavour. Your road trip will conclude once you reach New Orleans. Once you’re there, do enjoy a good time at a jazz bar, where you can have another gastronomic adventure while listening to great music. It’s also a good opportunity to meet the locals and make new friends!

Nature Adventure: San Francisco to Utah

Before leaving San Francisco for this road trip to Utah, be sure you get to spend time in this very laid-back California city first. It’s a good chance to see the Golden Gate Bridge and the fantastic Bay Area views. If you love learning history, then take a tour of the famous Alcatraz prison island. After a long day of seeing what San Francisco has to offer, then relax and have a great cup of coffee in the Hayes Valley and just take your time. 

When you’re ready to start one of the best road trips America, then drive to Lake Tahoe, where you’ll see the Sierra Nevada mountains. While you’re there, some fun activities to do would be fishing, hiking, cycling, or kayaking. You’ll enjoy the alpine views while doing any of those exciting adventures. After your exploration of Lake Tahoe is Yosemite, which is an awesome destination for nature lovers, with its waterfalls and towering sequoia trees. 

Pacific Coast: San Francisco to Los Angeles

Do you love the sea? This route from San Francisco to Los Angeles will give you the opportunity to experience the beauty of the Pacific Coast. Some highlights that you’ll get to visit are the Monterey seaside towns, Big Sur, and Garrapata State Park. At the park, you’ll have the chance to watch sea otters! Of course, you can also take a break and just relax at Pfeiffer Beach, after which you can continue to Moro Rock and drive towards Los Angeles. 

Driving to LA from San Francisco may not be the fastest way, but the point of having this Pacific Coast road trip is to discover the California coast and what it has to offer. Imagine being able to just pause, pull over, and then take in the magnificent scenery. To make sure you see the best of the Pacific Coast, schedule your California road trip during spring or autumn because it will be less crowded than in the summer. 

The American West: Las Vegas Loop

Las Vegas itself is a fun place to experience, so do take some time to visit the famous places there before you set out on this road trip to the American West. From Las Vegas, you’ll be driving to Monument Valley and the world-renowned Grand Canyon. Other than that, visit the national parks of Canyonlands, Arches, Zion, and Bryce Canyon. While you’re at the parks, you might want to try hiking or cycling to see nature up close and learn about the Navajo culture as well.

 It would be such an adventure to see the deserts of Arizona and Utah, where you can get that feeling of the American Wild West. The long and empty roads through the desert are so distinctly American, so if you really want to have that classic American road trip, this is the route to take. Do try to avoid taking this trip during the summer. The best time to do it would be during spring and autumn when it’s not so hot. You can also have a road trip in winter! You just might get the occasional snowfall that makes the scenery even more stunning. 

Big Cities: New York to New England

What if you’d rather see the big cities instead of the deserts, coasts, or nature parks? Don’t worry because there’s a route for that as well! One of the best road trips North America is from New York, going to Boston, and then to New England. While you’re in the Big Apple, you won’t have to do a lot of driving because you’ll be walking a great deal. Start at Central Park and then head to Greenwich Village and Times Square. Visit the Empire State Building as well, and finish off by trying a famous NY street food like a hotdog. 

In Boston, visit the historical places and follow the Freedom Trail. Don’t forget to try the famous Clam Chowder when you’re trying out local dishes. After that, make your way to New England’s Cape Cod. You’ll see stretches of beautiful beaches and picturesque lighthouses. There are also plenty of fishing villages along the way before you get to the ferry to visit Martha’s Vineyard. On Nantucket Island, the best way to discover the place is to go cycling. You also have to option to take a car through the Mid-Cape Highway towards Provincetown, so you can go whale-watching. 

With these routes, you’ll surely get a chance to experience America. A US road trip will allow you to get to know so many cultures, cuisines, music, and histories, amongst others. An American road trip would be a great opportunity to learn so many new things about a great country! Have fun! 😃 🚘