A Complete Guide to Breakdown Recovery Cover


As a driver, few things are worse than your car breaking down. Whether in the middle of nowhere or a few roads from your house, a broken down car needs fixing on the spot or, at worst, towing to the nearest garage. If you don't have breakdown cover, you can expect to pay a few hundred pounds just for the callout charge. Most people avoid this by getting breakdown cover for their vehicle to give them added peace of mind and roadside assistance should their car start playing up whilst out on the road, or even outside their home.  This guide has everything you need to know about breakdown recovery cover, from what it includes to how to get it and more. 

What Does My Breakdown Cover Include?

Breakdown recovery cover protects you should something happen to your car whilst on the road. It typically covers roadside assistance, with a mechanic arriving at your location to try and fix the issue. If they cannot solve the problem, a tow truck will take your car to the nearest garage as part of the vehicle recovery service. Other benefits of breakdown cover include home cover (if the car breaks down on your driveway or outside your house) and comprehensive garage support regarding the issue with the car. 

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Where Can I Get Breakdown Recovery Cover?

There are several ways to get breakdown recovery cover for your vehicle, including with the vehicle manufacturer, sometimes you get this free with new cars for the first year or two, a breakdown recovery service like the AA or RAC, through an insurance provider or with an existing banking service. When getting breakdown cover, it's good to consider several factors: the personal cover amount, callout limits, and what type of issues it covers (eg, is there a fuel replacement option in case you put the wrong fuel in the car or run out during the journey?). Getting breakdown cover is usually an additional expense, although it can come bundled with other services you already pay for, like a bank account or credit card. So make sure you're not paying for it twice!

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Should I Get Breakdown Recovery Cover?

Whether or not you should get breakdown recovery cover depends on your circumstances. You should ask yourself several questions before making a decision, such as how often you drive, how reliable is your vehicle, do you have an alternative means of transportation and, perhaps most importantly, whether you can afford the cost of a breakdown should something happen to your car while it's on the road? For most drivers, getting breakdown cover offers peace of mind and can save them hundreds (and perhaps thousands) of pounds if their car breaks down. 

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Best Breakdown Cover Options You May Want To Consider

When getting breakdown cover, it's worth considering the available options on the table. Most standard cover includes roadside assistance, vehicle recovery and onward assistance, which is when the recovery vehicle takes you to your destination if the car can't be repaired on the spot. The cheapest packages for this type of cover start at around £75 per year. However, you may want to consider other cover options, such as key replacement, battery cover and tyre replacement. Essentially, it depends on how often you drive and your vehicle's age and mileage. For instance, if you have an older car where the tyres are worn, it might be worth considering tyre replacement as part of your breakdown cover. 

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How to Get a Breakdown Cover For Your Car

There are many types of breakdown cover available, and the one you choose will mostly depend on how you cover yourself. You can get third-party breakdown cover, where you pay a yearly fee, and a company like the AA or RAC provides a breakdown cover service. Alternatively, you can opt for pay and breakdown claim cover, which sees you pay an annual fee (albeit lower than third-party) and the cost of the roadside repair. There's also a car manufacture breakdown cover, a type of service which is typically provided for three years by the carmaker when you purchase a new vehicle. Then there's the breakdown cover package from your bank. Banks usually provide this service to customers with certain accounts, such as premium or premier accounts., or you pay a little extra per month - it sometimes includes travel insurance as part of the package and can often be a good value option. 

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