Excellent Customer Service From Car Finance Companies

Getting the keys to a new car is an exciting moment, whether it’s your first or umpteenth motor. There’s nothing quite like opening the door and smelling that little air freshener thingy hanging from the mirror as you sit behind the wheel and turn on the ignition for the first time.

But the car-buying experience doesn’t start when the dealer hands over the keys; your journey begins from the very first moment you decide it’s time for some new wheels. And that includes everything from handling car finances to going to the dealership.

It’s only right that you expect a five-star service when making such a significant purchase, but what does great customer service look like when you’re buying a car? Let’s start with car finances because that will be the first stage for many car buyers. So read on and find which key traits reflect excellent customer service from a car finance provider.

It’s about feeling empowered

Car finance is there to help you; not the other way round. You allow yourself to dream a little from the minute you lay your eyes on that Mini Cooper or BMW One Series, and getting finance is the first stage to making your car-buying dream a reality.

Five-star car finance providers understand the emotions that come with buying a car, no matter your reason for getting a new motor. From the minute you get in touch with a provider, their customer service skills should kick in.

It’s about understanding the exciting journey you’re about to go on, rather than focusing solely on the destination. Car finance providers who can show these traits are well on their way to empowering you to feel confident about your next vehicle.

Safe and secure

Cars get safer with each passing year, as new technology and improved structural designs keep drivers safe on the roads. Just like you want to feel safe while driving, you’ll also want to feel secure when taking out car finance.

Transparency is key to great customer service, and you should always be completely aware of what you’re signing up for. Fortunately, the best car finance providers place transparency above all else, and that's something we do at Carmoola.

You'll know exactly how much you borrow when it needs paying back and the overall amount. You'll also have real-time access to your finances in our app, so you can see how much is left to pay with just a few clicks. We're making car financing more transparent, so you know exactly where you're at.

Freedom enablers

We all remember the first feeling of driving off on our own. It means so much to so many, whether you’re saying goodbye to relying on public transport or can finally start planning that road trip. Having a car means more freedom, and it should be the same with your car finance.

So how does a car service provider tap into the need for much-needed freedom? We're glad you asked! Carmoola offers financial freedom, allowing you to flex your payments so you can change the amount you pay based on your current situation.

Feel like paying a chunk of the loan off early? Great! Or maybe you want to reduce your payments slightly by extending the loan? You can do that too. It’s all about offering freedom, and the best customer service from car finance providers gives you flexibility with your payments.

Finance for everyone

Many people with grand ideas of getting the keys to a car often find themselves coming up against a roadblock. Whether it’s because they haven’t had a chance to build a credit history or have moved from another country and find themselves starting from scratch, getting finance for a car can be tricky even if you can afford it. 

We don’t think that equates to good customer service, though. If you can afford to pay the monthly repayments, then why shouldn’t you be able to get your new motor? Fortunately, the best car finance providers offer great customer service through their fairness to those very customers. 

Financial wellbeing is important, and Carmoola considers everyone for a loan without making any pre-judgments. That's not to say we're handing out money irresponsibly and are able to accept anyone – in fact, it's quite the opposite. By taking into account the borrower's full profile, we're ensuring tip-top customer service with responsible lending considered for everyone. 

Always available 

And of course, excellent customer service means being available when you need to get in touch with someone. Quick responses to queries, a friendly and approachable attitude and finding fast solutions are all part of offering great customer service.

Of course, we built an app at Carmoola where every process is clear as crystal, and we make it easy to understand each part of the borrowing journey. But that doesn’t mean we’re not here for you if you have a query or want to know more.

Just pop us a line, and we'll answer your query as quickly as possible. No matter the industry, companies will struggle and build up a poor reputation if they aren't approachable. The customer always comes first, and the service they receive should be exemplary. You can always get in touch with us via the website too.

It’s all in the service

The way people think about borrowing is changing, and car finance providers have a responsibility to meet new demands head-on. At Carmoola, we understand the need for a flexible approach with complete transparency that helps you borrow smarter for your next vehicle. And that, we believe, plays a vital role in excellent customer service.