Going Green: Why Electric Cars Are Taking Over the Roads

A few years ago, there was only a limited number of car manufacturers making electric vehicles. Car buyers didn’t have a lot of options to choose from. EVs were also so expensive yet didn’t have as much power as conventional combustion-engine cars. But this has changed and electric cars are becoming more and more popular as car owners choose to go green. 🍃Let’s take a look at the reasons why electric cars are taking over the roads. 

EV Batteries are Improving a Great Deal

There’s a lot of research being conducted on electric car batteries, and because of this, the technology has advanced at a rapid rate. Durability and performance have gone up while prices for EVs have decreased, making them more attractive to car buyers. As more studies and improvements are made, this will continue and make EVs the more obvious choice as a practical and eco-friendly car. 

The range and speed of EVs depend on their batteries’ capacity to provide energy to their electric motors. That’s why batteries are crucial in ensuring the performance of electric vehicles. Today’s electric car batteries allow EVs to drive long distances while maintaining a safe, smooth, and enjoyable driving experience. You can drive across the UK or even Europe in your electric car!

As for recharging the batteries, they don’t take as long anymore and you won’t have trouble finding a charging port because the charging infrastructure is getting better and its reach is getting wider. If you’re on a road trip, you can charge your car while enjoying a cup of coffee at a local cafe and you’ll be set to hit the road again once you’re done. 

Government Incentives for EV Buyers

The incentives that the government provides to buyers of electric cars make EVs more attractive to consumers. Apart from the discounted price of electric vehicles, you can also get tax exemptions, support for installing your charging station at home, exemption from congestion charges, and others. 

With all the benefits of buying an electric car, consumers have an easier time choosing their next car and many are definitely going green. Many cities in the UK have clean air zones with corresponding fees to combustion-engine vehicles entering them. If you have an electric car, you don’t have to worry about such fees. You can go on a road trip hassle-free! 

Car Buyers Prefer Eco-friendly Cars

Every person has his or her opinion about climate change but the effects of pollution can’t be denied. In many major cities, more and more people are having health issues due to poor air quality. Governments are making stricter laws on traditional combustion-engine vehicles that produce harmful gases. 

Car buyers, on the other hand, are making more environmentally conscious decisions about their purchases. They’re choosing eco-friendly cars over petrol and diesel engine vehicles because they don’t emit exhaust gases and the cost of charging EVs are far cheaper compared to conventional fuels. 

More Options to Choose From

With the advancement in EV technologies and more car manufacturers focusing on developing different electric car models, there are now more options for car buyers to choose from. Consumers may choose a hybrid-electric, plug-in hybrid, mild hybrid, or go full-electric. 

Hybrids still have a conventional combustion engine but car owners can choose to drive them using electricity alone, especially for short trips in the city. Many car buyers making the shift to green vehicles but are not yet sure about going full-electric choose hybrids, which is not a bad move at all. Hybrid vehicles produce less pollution compared to traditional cars.

EVs are Cheaper to Run

Consumers who are new to electric cars might be discouraged by the price tag of most EVs. This won’t be the case for long because prices are becoming more competitive these days. And while EVs are a bit pricier than petrol or diesel cars, they’re actually a lot cheaper to run. 

If you only need a car for city driving, you can choose an EV with a smaller battery pack. An electric car with a relatively small battery will be more affordable compared to long-range EVs that have bigger car batteries. When it comes to charging your EV, you can expect that the cost will be less than half of that when you used to fill up your tank with petrol or diesel. 

Fast-expanding Charging Network

Maybe you’re worried about where you can charge your electric car, especially if you’re going for a long drive. In the UK, you can find charging stations easily and the charging network is expanding fast. The UK government is working quickly to establish better charging infrastructure to continue attracting car buyers to shift to electric vehicles. 

And it’s not only in the UK that charging networks are expanding. You can set off on a road trip to Europe on your electric car and you’ll find that many establishments along the way are equipped with charging ports. You can charge your car as you’re stopping over at a restaurant for a meal, coffee, or tea. 


Car buyers and owners are going green. 🍃 It will only be a short time until electric cars will outnumber conventional vehicles on the roads. If you’re thinking about buying an EV, you’re making the right choice. It’s better for the environment, you’ll get incentives from the government, and you will save money in the long run.