How to Get a Breakdown Cover For Your Car

When you choose a breakdown cover, it’s important to get it from a reliable and trusted provider. But that’s not the only thing car owners have to consider. It’s also crucial that you get the right level of car breakdown cover that is adequate for your needs. If you can find one that works well with your intended budget, so much the better. 

What are the Types of Breakdown Cover?

Third-party Breakdown Cover

To get this cover, you will need to pay a fee every year. If ever your vehicle breaks down, then the provider will send a specialist where you are so that the car can be fixed right then and there.  If there’s more work to be done, then your car will be towed to the nearest garage. Some of the most trusted third-party breakdown cover providers include Green Flag, RAC, and AA. 

Pay-and-claim Breakdown Cover

In the same way as the first type, you will be paying a fee annually but it’s expected to be less. When you experience a problem with your car, you have to be ready to pay for the recovery or the roadside repair first. But don't worry because you can then claim back the amount you’ve spent on such expenses. 

Car Manufacturer Breakdown Cover

When buying a new car, you will receive a free breakdown cover from the car manufacturer. Most manufacturers provide a free cover for three years. A third-party provider such as the AA might be the one to provide the actual service though. It depends on the car manufacturer. You may find out more about it by getting in touch with your specific car manufacturer or from the dealership where you bought your vehicle. 

Breakdown Cover Package from Your Bank

It’s possible to get a car breakdown cover through your bank as a package deal with your bank account or also if you get car insurance. In much the same way as the previous type of breakdown cover, the actual service will be carried out by a third-party provider like AA and RAC. 

What Features to Look for in a Breakdown Cover

Personal Cover

When you have personal cover, it doesn’t matter if you’re the driver or the passenger. If the car you’re in breaks down, you can call a breakdown service to help you. This is better than a vehicle-level cover which is limited only to a specific vehicle. If you have several cars, this is also a more practical option although it’s expected that this cover is more expensive. 

Callout Limits

Check if you have a limit when it comes to how many times you can call the breakdown service for assistance. Many providers offer an unlimited number of callouts. Depending on your needs, you may or may not need unlimited callouts. For example, if you have an older car that has the tendency to break down every now and then, you might want to consider getting a breakdown cover with no callout limits.

Onward Travel

When you get a comprehensive breakdown cover, check if you also get the onward travel feature. With it, the provider can get you a replacement car, overnight accommodation,  as well as other costs to proceed on your journey while your car is being fixed. Most providers offer onward travel as a standard. However, some only include it as an optional feature of their breakdown cover. 


If you put the wrong fuel type in your vehicle, your engine can suffer and the damage incurred can be costly. Draining as well as flushing the wrong fuel out can go up to £300. Some car owners find this unnecessary because the charge of having this feature in the breakdown cover can be expensive and can be about £225. Depending on your car, you may not need this feature. For example, if you have an electric vehicle, then you definitely do not need this one.

Transporting Your Pets

Do you travel with your pets? If you do, then be sure to check if your breakdown cover includes this feature. Usually, if it’s not included in the cover, it is at the discretion of the mechanic who will assist you if they will allow your pet into the cab. If not, then your pet will be in your car as it is being towed to the garage. 

Tips When Choosing a Breakdown Cover

  • Explore other providers besides Green Flag, RAC, and AA. You might be able to get a more affordable breakdown cover with comparable services. 
  • Choose to pay annually rather than monthly. You can save more money this way since breakdown cover providers usually give a discounted rate for annual payments. 
  • Get a breakdown cover as a car insurance add-on. If you like your insurance provider and they’re also offering a breakdown cover as an add-on, then you might get a better deal than getting a separate cover from another provider. 


When it comes to getting a breakdown cover, it’s important to take time to research the best deals. This can be done online where you can check the best car breakdown cover providers with just one quick search. Be sure to read through the information available on their websites so you’ll have a good idea of what to expect from their services. Also, don’t forget to read reviews from other customers. Reviews are a great way to get insight into how reliable a breakdown cover provider is. 👍

And it's not a bad idea to consider having an emergency breakdown kit with you, particularly in winter! ❄️