Are Intensive Driving Courses Worth It?

Looking to get on the road as quick as possible? Want some tips to help you pass your test quickly? 😃 Maybe an intensive driving course is for you. In today's blog post we are going to be taking you through everything you need to know about an intensive driving course, and whether it is the right fit for you. Editor Matt actually did one himself and nailed it first time, but you can see for yourself...


What is an intensive driving course?

An intensive driving course is a specialised program that covers all the required material and skills needed to pass your driving test in a very short amount of time. In an intensive driving course, you receive the same one-on-one in-car tuition with a qualified instructor that you would normally spread over weeks or months in a shortened period. Some intensive driving courses are also tailored to focus on aspects of driving you as the learner are struggling with. These courses are ideal for people who may have their own commitments or deadlines and can't commit to spending weeks or months learning at a regular pace. Matt, our editor had a deadline where he was going away, and he ended up getting it all done in 5 days.

How long do intensive courses take?

Intensive courses can range from a few hours to several weeks, depending on the individual's driving ability and time constraints. Usually companies will offer a range of packages for a range of abilities. Week-long courses are popular, with students committing to driving like a full-time job for five or seven days. During these warp-speed courses, you may be in the vehicle for as long as five/six hours a day. Other courses spread instruction over two weeks. Some courses bill themselves as ‘intensive’ (or ‘semi-intensive’) but spread the lessons over even longer.

Your desired driving school may offer you an assessment to determine how much instruction you need and can point you to an appropriate course schedule. For some shorter courses, you need to demonstrate a basic grasp of driving before you begin.

What happens during an intensive driving course?

Some people thrive in cram sessions, able to maintain their energy and focus and retain new information even after hours behind the wheel. They can also handle the pressure of taking the practical test after just a few days of instruction. Other people could benefit from learning at a more leisurely pace, giving them time to refresh and practice at home between lessons and slowly build their confidence as a driver.

During an intensive course, as we mentioned above you'll typically spend five or six hours a day in the car with your instructor. You'll cover a range of topics and skills quickly, but still thoroughly, just as you would if you were taking 'standard' lessons. You may learn basic manoeuvres, such as hill starts and turning in the road; as well as more advanced driving skills like roundabouts, junctions, dual carriageways and motorways — all under the watchful eye of your experienced driver trainer.

How much are intensive driving courses?

The cost of driving lessons and the tests has been proven time and time again why young people don’t get their licences. Intensive driving courses aren’t cheap, but they can be a way to save some money compared to spreading lessons across months, especially if you don't practice with your parents/guardians.

There’s no question intensive driving courses are an investment. But when you consider that the average hour-long driving lesson costs £24 and that drivers require an average of 47, you can see that spreading out the lessons is also pricey. In fact, you typically get a discount on this hourly rate when you opt for an intensive course. However, you will need to have the cash up front, which can end up being a hefty chunk of money.

Let's do the maths: £24 @ 47 lessons = £1,128

Obviously, not every intensive driving course will amount to this much, but if you think as a starter, this is going to be around the price of an intensive course per our incredible maths calculations.

P.S. as writers we were pretty proud of ourselves here :)

Where can I book an intensive driving course?

Most driving schools offer intensive courses, so you should start by asking around in your local area. You can also check out online reviews to find the right school for you. Once you've decided on a school and course length, it's time to book! In some areas, especially cities, there may be waiting lists for intensive courses, so make sure you book ahead of time to avoid disappointment.


If you are a disabled person embarking on learning to drive, check out our blog to get some handy hints to help you get started.

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