Love Island 2023: What Cars Would The Contestants Be?

Love Island is back — no matter if you are religiously watching the UK reality series every night at 9pm, or whether you are adamant about not watching Love Island at all; you know about it. We thought it might be fun to compare the Love Island contestants’ personalities with cars. Which car is your type on paper? 😉 


Let us crack right on, can I pull you for a chat?

Tanya Mahenga 

Tanya Mahenga Love Island contestant 2023

Not only does Tanya have the looks she also has an impressive degree under her wing (biomedical science). Tanya Mahenga would be described as dynamite, as you know, dynamite comes in small packages. Tanya is confident and has described herself as having “Good vibes and good energy”.

The Mini Cooper S 3-Door Hatch 🚘

Mini Cooper Hatch back in front of building







Similarities between Tanya Mahenga and the Mini Cooper S.

  • This car is fun, fast and fiery. Tanya is fun, she has great chat, she’s fast with the comebacks and she's definitely fiery!
  • The Mini Cooper S is a popular, well-known car. Similar to Tanya they both are a great choice when looking for a lovely car, or for a coupling up in the villa 😉 Sorry to see you go David.
  • They age like fine wine - Shaq was very happy with his choice in the re-coupling and even expressed they have a ‘lifetime together’ to look forward to, similar to how an owner of a Mini Hatchback feels... they can’t see themselves ever parting ways with their beloved.

Tanya's Instagram handle: @talkswithtt_

Lana Jenkins

Lana Jenkins Love Island contestant 2023

Lana is one of the more laid-back contestants, she is not in your face, but when the camera is on her, everyone can see just how great she really is - both looks and personality.  

The Fiat 500 🚘

fiat 500 in parking garage

Similarities between Lana Jenkins and the Fiat 500: 

  • Sensible: Wise choice for a reliable car and Lana is definitely a sensible choice to couple up with.
  • City Girl 👧🏼 : Lana is from Luton, a large Town in England. The Fiat 500 is also more of a city girl, she’s great for driving around town however not the most practicable for driving long distances.
  • Woman adore them: Lana has been predicted already to be a Love Island finalist and there have only been 9 episodes so far in the season! You can't get that far without getting on with the ladies. The Fiat 500 is an exceptionally popular choice that many women absolutely adore (honestly, who wouldn’t adore her?)

Lana's Instagram Handle: @lanajenkinss

Will Young 

Will Young Love Island contestant 2023

Our Tik-Tok farmer Will hasn’t had the opportunity just yet to get past the platonic stage in the couplings, but he is most definitely an all time favourite - both within the villa and the viewers watching at home (WE LOVE YOU WILL). There definitely was a huge sigh of relief when he was saved in the re-coupling 😮‍💨

The Land Rover 🚘 

land rover in a farm field

Similarities between Will Young and the Land Rover: 

  • An all round great guy: Will is a gentleman, a funny and good looking chap. The Land Rover is a good looking car with those finely cut creases and sharp edges and is just a great efficient car. 
  • Popular: Will was saved in the re-coupling because Lana couldn’t bare to have him leave, well, that and the fact that Tanyel picked Ron in the recouping 😳 Besides that minor factor, everyone really does love Will and we all want him to find love in the villa ❤️ The Land Rover is immensely popular and has many features including practicality, off-road abilities, stylish ,adventure-worthy and safety.
  • The Land Rover has an abundance of space to transport farm animals and perfect just to cruise around the farm.

Will's Instagram handle: @farmer_will_  

Kai Fagan 

Kai Fagan Love Island contestant 2023

Kai is a PE and Science teacher from Manchester. He has stated that he has ‘high expectations’ and doesn't easily commit unless he is ‘buzzing’ for them. Well put Kai, that’s pretty similar to the car we have in mind for you. The BMW 1 series is a great car and customers definitely have high expectations for it, and once you get with the BMW 1 series, you definitely commit.


BMW 1 series at dusk with tail lights on

Similarities between Kai Fagan and the BMW 1 Series:

  • Beautiful to look at: To be completely honest, Kai is a beautiful looking man, have you seen that smile? The BMW 1 series has the sleek curvy look, it's basic, but has everything you possibly could look for in the design of a car. 
  • Fun: Kai describes himself as a ‘fun and calm’ guy. The BMW 1 series is most certainly a fun, fast car but is certainly also great for a calm and chilled ride 😎

Kai's Instagram handle: @kaifagan_

Tanyel Revan

Tanyel Revan Love Island contestant 2023

Tanyel says that the reason she is single is because she is 'so fussy'. Tanyel was also one of the first contestants to add some spice in the mix when she coupled up with Ron, Lana's fling, in the re-coupling. We are here for the drama Tanyel 🔥 

Lamborghini Aventador 🚘

A yellow lamborghini aventador with door open

Similarities between Tanyel and the Lamborghini Aventador: 

  • Leaves the public speechless: Whenever us commoners see a Lamborghini Aventador we definitely point or stare (or both!), same way we felt when this bombshell entered the villa. Speechless.
  • Luxurious: As mentioned, from Tanya herself, she is fussy, which implies not just anyone would be right for her. The Lamborghini Aventador is also a luxury and not everyone can have one either.

Tanyel's Instagram handle: @tanyelrevan

Shaq Muhammad

Shaq Muhammad Love Island contestant 2023

Shaq works in the airport as a security guard. He is confident and cheeky and his smile can turn anyones frown upside-down.

Lexus NX  🚘

blue Lexus NX facing forward

Similarities between the Lexus NX and Shaq Muhammad:

  • Loyalty: The Lexus NX ages well and can be in your life for years to come. Shaq has shown his loyalty by sticking to his word about Tanya even when David was in the villa and showing interest. 
  • Safety: The Lexus NX has a high safety assist of 91%. Shaq works in security, you could not find a better person to offer protection.
  • Body: The build on both Shaq and the Lexus NX is out of this world. 

Shaq's Instagram handle: @shaq24s_

Time to put your eggs in the basket.

Let's be real, all the contestants have great aspects about them and these cars are representing the personalities we have been seeing every night at 9pm. Things could change the more the drama unfolds and we may need to update the list with more loud, attention grasping cars 😏 

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Leave a comment down below to let us know if there is any car you would suggest for one of the contestants!