What is a Pass Plus Course and Do I Need to Do It?

Once you’ve passed the driving test, you might still feel a bit anxious whenever you’re driving. 😟  Do you want to feel more confident while you’re out on the road? As you know, driving is actually an enjoyable experience. It would be a shame if you miss out on the fun because you’re too worried about being behind the wheel. How about taking a Pass Plus course to make you more prepared for the challenges of the road? 😃

What is a Pass Plus Course?

The beauty of this course is you don’t have to miss work or school just to take it. You only need a total of six hours to complete the Pass Plus course. It’s perfect for newly qualified drivers who want to improve their skills and confidence in driving. 

After you’re done with the practical driving test and passed, you can immediately proceed to take the Pass Plus course. It’s most advantageous if you’ll take it within your first year of driving since most accidents on the road involving new drivers happen within that period. 

For the course, you’re going to need an approved instructor. You may choose your previous driving instructor if he or she is qualified to teach the Pass Plus course. You can check with the DVSA if a certain instructor has the qualifications in case you’re not sure. 

The Pass Plus doesn’t have to be taken in a specific area so you don’t have to worry about going somewhere else just to have your lessons. It can be close to where you live or work but remember that you’ll need to drive on different roads in various conditions, depending on the lesson module. However it might be worth noting that some local authorities offer discounts for Pass Plus courses.

At the end of the course, there won’t be any formal test since this isn’t a compulsory driving course. However, you’ll be receiving a Pass Plus certificate once you’ve accomplished the required number of hours and the instructor’s assessment after each module is satisfactory. 

What to Expect from the Pass Plus Course

The Pass Plus course is comprised of six modules. Each module will cover a specific aspect of daily driving. They are town driving, all-weather driving, driving on rural roads, night driving, driving on dual carriageways, and driving on motorways. Let’s check out what you can expect from each module. 

Town Driving

Most car owners drive in the city so this module is crucial if you want to improve your driving skills and increase your observational and awareness levels while on the road. If getting behind the wheel makes you anxious, especially on a busy city road, then this is for you. You will learn how to properly navigate junctions, bus lanes, cycle lanes, and underpasses. 

All-weather Driving

The weather can be unpredictable at times and it could be scary for a new driver to drive in heavy rain, flooded roads, or during a snowstorm. The second module of the Pass Plus course will prepare you for these situations. You’ll be taught how to cope with glaring sunshine, fog, slippery ice, snow, and rain. 

Driving on Rural Roads

The thought of having a road trip to the countryside is exciting, isn’t it? With the third Pass Plus course module, you’ll learn how to drive on rural roads where there are blind bends, animals crossing, slow drivers, and built-up areas. The instructor will teach you how to navigate the road when there are debris, farm vehicles, cyclists, animals, and sharp corners. 

Night Driving

There are times at work when you just have to stay late and have to drive at night. If night driving makes you anxious, the fourth module of the Pass Plus course can help. For this module, you will have the chance to practice driving at night so you can be more confident behind the wheel. You’ll know how to use headlamps correctly, as well as the different light levels. It’s also an opportunity to get used to dazzling lights from other cars and judge the speed and distance of other vehicles. 

Driving on Dual Carriageways

To pass your driving test, you need to know how to drive on dual carriageways. If you feel that you only got lucky that you passed but are not really skilled enough to drive confidently yet, then take the Pass Plus course. With this fifth module, you will focus on how to join and how to leave the carriageway through slip roads. You’ll also practice how to maintain safe distances, lane discipline, and how to overtake properly. 

Driving on Motorways

The only way to combat driving anxiety is by spending more time practising, especially on motorways. Yes, it could be very intimidating to do this but with the Pass Plus course, you’ll have an instructor to guide you and teach you everything you need to know about driving on motorways. For example, you’ll know more about driving at a safe speed during different driving conditions, how to use lanes properly and read signs, how you can deal with fatigue while driving, and what to do if your car breaks down


There are a lot of benefits that you can get from taking a Pass Plus course. The best one is probably being able to enjoy your time while driving. When you have the knowledge and skills to drive on any road in any condition, you won’t be overwhelmed with fear and worry. You’ll know what to do and who to call for help in case your car has any problems. Imagine all the road trips you could take once you’ve overcome your driving anxiety! It will be a fun time for you and your family and friends. 😀 🚘